Monday, October 18, 2010

Photos Are Up!

Fattyboy didn't go to school again!!! Guilty to the max. I made him blog... then he couldn't wake up for school and there are 3 lessons today for him!!! @.@

Think there's a hole in my heart now cause I just burnt a part of it, worrying for his studies! @.@

Anyway, there's driving at 330pm later! I think I'll stall the car again as usual...

Alright, recalling my week, I watched 'Eat, Pray, Love' with Fattyboy on Thursday! The movie was at 940pm and it was so long and draggy, it ended pretty late and I reached home pretty late too!!! 

Saturday night, I went over to Fattyboy's house and played Modern Warfare on his lappy! Then we went over to Aussie's house for a really short house visit before heading to Udders at Siglap!

I met 'xclusive in town for dinner last night too!! ((: 

Our waffle with Strawberry Fields and Rocky Road!
The couple with Snickerbar and Honeycomb and Rum Rum Raisin.
Group photo!
The fattyblurblurboy.
I don't know what he was doing...
The cool reflection! Looks like a lot of people ehhh!!!
Random shot that Aussie took with his phone!
In my ah-ma cardigan.
Both of us look awkward because we were on the wrong side!
Waikit with se-pek-pek.
Group photo!! ((:

The end of photos! I'm slacking now because I finished my webcast and I don't wanna do work yet!!

Alright, shall go watch teevee! Byee!! (:

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