Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's A Busy Fun Week!

Dear friends,

It's me again. I'm here to blog about my daily happenings. My facebook is lagging like a dog and I do not like it.

Anyway, let me start on the personal recount of what happened for the past few days. Monday, as I have mentioned in my previous blog post, is a really busy day. I started off with work in the morning. I reached MGS at 0845am, thank you Caleb for sending me there, and waited for an hour and fifteen minutes before the truck came at 10am. The skating lesson was supposed to start at 0930am but they were late for half an hour which made the teacher really unhappy. 

Started the lesson and the lesson ended really late. By the time we finished loading everything back into the truck, it was almost 1230pm. Melvin sent Yixin back to her house as she was really tired. I thought there was still time so I followed along. By the time when we were on the way back to the shop, I realised there wasn't enough time for me to get to the driving centre by bus as I still needed to draw money to pay for the circuit. Initially Melvin said he could drop me, but he took too much time in the shop, I had to cab there instead.

The cab uncle thought that Azmi was my boyfriend as he was standing at the truck when I boarded the cab and he waved goodbye. That day was the first day I saw Azmi and he's one year younger than me. I told the cab uncle I needed to draw money for my driving lesson so he drove me around to look for an atm machine. I was rushing him because I was going to be late for driving. The cab uncle is really nice and he charged me $12 instead of $13.20. He even said it was alright for him to earn less as he knew I am a student and am not earning money. He told me to treat him next time if I see him in future, but he is only willing to accept the treat if I had started work.

Nice uncle, thank you.

I reached Ong's car 5 minutes late and he started counting the money that I had to pay him for the circuit. The whole lesson was spent on parking and driving around. I improved because I only stalled once when I was almost back. There was construction going on and I got a little anxious, I stalled the car. My usual was 3 times of stalling, and this means that yesterday was a good drive.

If you had noticed, I did not have lunch simply because there was no time to.

I rushed over to tuition immediately after driving. I took a bus to interchange, went to the toilet because I did not have the chance to use the toilet the entire day, bought some food from Old Chang Kee and made my way to my student's place. I was craving for bubble tea while walking there and managed to get it along the way. However, I ended up being late for tuition.

Caleb came over to pick me after my tuition after he had dropped Jie Ying and Austen at the interchange. I went home to have a quick shower and packed my bag and the two of us headed over to the interchange to have dinner with the two of them before making our way to Sharon's place for filming.

The filming took a few hours and I only reached home at around 12plus1 am. 

I woke up at 7plus am today as Caleb's friends had arranged to meet for breakfast at 8am at supposedly Fortunate Restaurant. Unfortunately, Fortune Restaurant had became Swatow. However fortunately, we did manage to have our dim sum breakfast at the new restaurant. On the other hand, unfortunately, the bill cost up to $113 which gave all of us a shock.

Enough of my recount, now we will take a look at some of the photos taken last night and today.

This photo was taken when Caleb sent me home to have my shower. I was still in my dirty clothes that I had worn for the entire day.

Sharon found a batman mask in the house and I wore it and took a photo with it. I think the mask suits me, but it is a pity, the hole for the eyes is a little too small.
We dressed up according to the character in the game, Cluedo.

Professor Plum with his suave hairstyle and Colonel Mustard, not yet dressed.

This is a random hat that Mr Green brought along to Housekeeper Mrs White's house.

I have no idea who this crazy lady is.

She certainly looks a little out of her mind.

Alright, I shall be honest and admit, this is indeed me. I know it does not look like me. You do not have to remind me that I'm living in self-denial.

With the afro and Professor.

Colonel is indeed very old, he has white hair.

I'm sorry Professor, you should not be holding a gun. It is very dangerous.

The rich Mrs Peacock, who looked like she is attending a wedding dinner.

They are two jokers.

In fact, we were filming for one of our projects for one of the modules that we are taking together.

I am the murderer, Ms Scarlet. 

Mrs Peacock with Colonel Mustard. They look very incompatible here.

This is our Housekeeper, Mrs White. The website does not exist.

Ms Scarlet is seducing Mr Professor.

Now, these were the food for our dim sum breakfast.

Only Caleb was posing for the camera.

Our very shocking bill.

A group photo taken after the meal.

Last but not least, more food!

This is the end of my personal recount. The moral of the story, do not make yourself so busy.

Monday-Thursday: TUITION
Friday: Filming/Important Task

No Break.

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