Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Spent 24 Hours with Jaljals!

The most exciting event of the week was the stayover at Ms. Tanahling's very comfortable but warm house. Even though the number of bugs that flew into the room almost exceeded the fingers I have on my left hand, the company made up for all the scare that Ms Tanahli and I had.

Before I elaborate more on the stayover, I shall recall the things that happened on Friday before the fun-filled night started.

There was tutorial, as usual, in the afternoon. I believed most of you know that I had convinced myself not to go for the 10am lecture on Fridays due to two reasons. Firstly, 10am is too early and it was indeed torturous for me to wake up so early to go for the lecture. Secondly, thinking of the fact that I have to sit by myself if I were to go for the lecture is a huge disincentive for me.

Alright, back to my topic. After an hour of my tutorial, it was over to Engine for my "Double Major" as quoted from Aussie. The reason why he said that Chem Engine is my second major is due to the fact that I have been sitting in for Lebbs' lecture very often. 

After Sharon's and Lebbs' lecture, we had filming for our GEK project. It was extremely embarrassing as we had to film in the library, since our script required us to. Wearing the tremendously jokerish costumes made us look really attention-catching. 

(Super tiring to blog like this...... rahhhh)

Lebbs and I headed over to Bugis to have our dinner before Tanahling came over. The two of us went to look for Tanahli's present before rushing back to our homes to get ready for the sleepover.

The night was awesome with my girls. We played Heart-attack, Monopoly Deal, Bridge and Da Dee before Tanahli fell asleep. The rest of us then followed after her, and went to bed at 8am. Jessica had to leave for piana lessons at 930am so she barely got any sleep. Pat had CCA in the afternoon too.

Leaving the three of us, we slept all the way till 330pm and Tanahli forced us to wake up.

I forgot to mention, I accidentally broke Ling's toilet door when I went to the toilet at 7plus am. I'm extremely apologetic Ling, for being a destroyer. The worst thing was, her dad saw me break the door at that instant! @.@

Moving on, the three of us at Ling's house slacked around before we left at 6plus for our individual homes to get ready to go to town.

The agenda for heading to town was that Tanahli wanted to get flats. However, we failed to fulfil it and it turned out that, Ling and I both bought stuff, and the girl who wanted to go to town didn't.

I'm tired of blogging like this, so I'm gonna start with the photos.

Tanahli specially bought specs to accessorize herself, but she did not use them in the end.

Ling with her red hand. I was the only one who didn't get hit while playing Heart Attack. If you look careful enough, you should be able to spot a finger mark on her left hand. That belongs to Jessica.

We're the ambassadors of Yakult.

Jessica and Pat bought Yakult for us!

I'm drinking Yakult.

Five of us, five Yakults.

That is my hand holding the Yakult. I know my fingers are very pro.

Ling's pooh and Ahli's holding her Lion which is a BOY!


I look really funny here for some reason.

Pat! Bugs tooth!

Jay Ann!


Ling! There is always one strand of hair blocking my view! >:(

On the bus to town!

We look like triplets here! Smiling and frowning at the same time!


The two crazy girls trying to make their eyes look bigger.

Funny stretched faces.

Being really bored again, I attempted Photoshop again!

Did I improve???

I haven't studied for the entire week.

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