Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Songminghan was very fierce today and he insisted I blogged to apologise so here I am, and I'm gonna further emphasize that I didn't come up with an excuse and I truly sincerely forgot!!!

The story goes, last night at 2plus am, I was happily blogging (last night's post) and I was still rejoicing over the fact that I didn't have school for the entire week and I was so gonna sleep late and wake up late!

So I went to bed happily thinking I'll be having lunch at home (which means save money!) and I can slack the entire day.

Then while I was lying on my bed, just when I was going to fall asleep, suddenly I remembered at like I think 0237am that I was supposed to meet Songminghan, Phoonwaikit and Chaihanxie for dim sum in the morning!!! But I already told mummy that I was gonna have lunch at home and stuff, and it's like 0237am, mummy was already asleep!!!

Then I started panicking!!!

And in the end, I didn't make it for dim sum cause there was lunch at home!

Songminghan even called me at 8plus am to wake me up to tell me mummy not to cook... but mummy was out of the house by that time.

So, I didn't purposely pangseh them!!! I really truly forgot I was supposed to meet them!

Okayys, so they ended up paying 20plus each for buffet cause there was a minimum rule of 4.

Alright, so SORRY to the above three friends of mine.

I'm sorry I forgot I was supposed to meet you all!

Well, managed to meet them for rockband at Novena Square 2 after my lunch! $22 fly away!!!

And when I was putting on my contacts today, I lost the left side of my contacts! I was putting it into my eye then I remembered seeing it on my eyelids so I sort of tried pressing it into my eye, then the next thing I walked out of the toilet then realised it was still blurry. So I went back to find it and I couldn't find it anywhere in the sink!!! It disappeared!!! And I even went onto the floor to find it but no where to be found!!!

So I had to use a new pair! But thankfully, the other pair expired already... if not heart paint!!!

Then after rockband was tuition and over to Lillian's house!

That's my day. Tomorrow will be better.

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