Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Have STM!

Yesterday, I was just telling Gabby how I'm free to stay with her in school on Thurs till 7pm because I have nothing on the entire day.

Then I was Caleb that I was going to be at SIM on Thursday.

And he was the one who reminded me I have House IC dinner buffet on Thursday! -.-

Totally forgot about it.

Today's a busy week, I can't remember who I'm supposed to meet.

Monday was supposed to be Dim Sum Buffet, I blogged about it already. Met Songminghan, Phoonwaikit and Chaihanxie. Then there was tuition and headed over to Lillian's house after.

Tuesday was driving before going to Bugis to look for Caleb. Was supposed to have Gelare with JLS too but I was only eating my dinner when they left for town! I had Nandos last night for dinner!

Today I'm supposed to meet my project group a.k.a Usual 5 - Jieying + Chock. Meeting them at tpy at 230pm. Then it's Happy Wednesday I don't know where we're going.

Thursday is lunch with Joyce and Gabby, then suddenly my student called to say I'm supposed to have tuition! So I can't stay with Gabs anymore to have the legendary awesome yongtaufoo.

Then after that I'll be heading to Holland V for my crystal jade xlb buffet! I'm super glad they decided not to whack the wagyu beef buffet! That will probably cost me like a 80+ dollars?

Friday, there's supposedly NUSSU Appreciation Dinner (I'm gonna miss the awesome awesome good good food!) for Jaljals' bbq at Gabs' place! Awww, I feel sad thinking that I can't make it for the hotel treat!

Saturday's Booza dinner! Yes I thought for super long about this before I remembered!!!

I think that's about all! Brain's exploding from thinking!!!

Off to have my lunch! (:

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