Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Hello!!! I just realised how to make the photos extra large!!! hahaha. And I feel happy making them extra large! Plus, they can be even bigger, like the original size!!! How cool is that???

Anyway, I've been blogging quite frequently nowadays right??? Am I entertaining you all??? 

It seems like the week is ending and I haven't been studying! Gotta start reading my lecture notes which haven't been printed yet!!!

Anyway, yesterday and today are happy days!! (:

Yesterday, I had driving and after that went to Bugis to meet Flabs. I think I blogged about it already ehh!!!

Okayys, so I shall just spam photos!!!
Flabs and I in the Iluma lift!

This is mine! Lemon and Herbs 1/4 Chicken with Corn (I was expecting like cup corn, not a corn corn) and Old Style Fries (which is normal fries).

Flab's Hot Peri 1/4 Chicken with Potato Salad and Peri Fries!

After dinner, we went over to JCO for dessert! This is a Couple Yoghurt (the name of the size of this yoghurt is couple!) with 3 toppings! (: $4.50 only.

This is taken right outside my house. I just felt like taking photos yesterday!

And this is my today's outfit. Ah tang bought this romper first, but I made her show me where she got her romper from and I bought the exact same one as her. Don't wear on same day can already right???

Chock was late for our project meeting today even though we told him to meet half an hour before we were supposed to meet. He was still late, and he voluntarily treated us to egg tarts! (:

Dinner was buffet at Suki-Ya! Awesome steamboat with unlimited veggies! But the buffet only last for 100minutes and they will start chasing you out after that!

The unlimited Chicken, Beef and Pork. We had 3 servings of beef and 2 servings each of Chicken and Pork!

You can choose 2 out of the 3 soup bases! $19.90+.

The happy fattyboy! He ate like much less than me today!

Happy notsofatty girl! (:

Ice cream was provided after the buffet! (: You can add your own toppings!

Then we wanted to digest our food and we walked to Millennia Walk and then to Suntec and back to Marina! 
Okayys, that's the end of the photos! My mummy went on cruise with my aunties and she won't be back till Friday I think! So happening! I wanna go on cruise and eat and sleep and eat and sleep too!!! (:

Alright, off to bed or maybe I should study a lil before sleeping!!!

Byeee! (:

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