Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Food Post! (:

3rd post of the day! I feel really motivated to blog today for some reason!

Today was stunner day!!! 

The most shocking thing happened when I was going to iron my clothes today! So as usual, I took out the iron and plugged it into the power socket...




Got a huge shock but thankfully I was holding the handle and not the part that was shooting fire!

Reacted like immediately, totally felt like praising myself for having such fast reaction to turn off the power! The whole room smelt like it was burnt even though the iron only fired for a few seconds!!!

Then I immediately ran out to tell my mummy that the iron was shooting fire!!! REAL FIRE, BIG BIG FIRE!!! Damn scaryyy, I was pretty traumatised...

And my mummy calmly told me that the iron was spoilt already... as in I think she dropped it and the back where the wires are connected came off, and she used black tape to tape it back!!!! -.-

LIKE ULTIMATE STUNNER!!! It was shooting fire while I was holding it ehhh, imagine imagine!!!! Luckily I didn't drop the iron or what cause I was planning to iron my clothes on the bed! If not I would have probably burnt the bedsheet or something!!!!


Okayys, then due to the stunner, I forgot I had to wear shoes to driving, I ended up wearing slippers... haha. Actually I remembered when I was downstairs my house but I was just lazy to go back change luh.. heeee! But Ong didn't scold me cause I took off my slippers the moment I went into the car! (:

After driving, I made Fattyboy go to City Plaza with me for shopping! I think he was really bored luhhhh, SORRY FATLEBBS!!!! Thankyouverymuch though!! (((:

Dinner was at Arnold's, where we dumbly ordered the set meal for 2 and got cheated because nobody ordered that!!! It was like so much more expensive than the usual set! =/

Anyway, then STUNNER 2 happened when I went to visit my grandmother! Visiting hours was supposedly till 8pm. But we finished at City Plaza at around 8 and I wanted to go visit her, so Fattyboy said we should just go try and see if we can enter!

Then we reached there around 820pm or something and someone opened the gate for us... so I went to visit my grandma!

When we were done, probably around 835pm, we drove the car out of the carpark and kept horning at the gate (cause the gate usually opens when anyone horns!), BUT NOBODY OPENED THE GATE!!! So we were stuck inside that place and the car couldn't get out!!!

Then we went around looking for staff to help us open the gate and stuff, only to realise that the admin staff went home already! And the rest of the helpers said they don't have the key to the big gate... and we'll have to wait till 9pm when the ambulance gets out or something.

Scaryyy, we were locked inside until finally at 0850pm, the gate opened automatically and we quickly zoom zoom out!!! hahaha.

Alright, food post photos! (:
I love taimei!! (: I LIKE!!!

The fried sweet potato (quite yums!) and supposedly Lemon Chicken!
Oyster Mee Sua!!! But there wasn't any oysters left so it was cuttlefish mee sua!
The HDB Hub Hokkien Mee! Can't beat Tian Tian Lai!
Max Brenner!!! That thing on the bottom left is to make your hot chocolate... so you're supposed to melt your own chocolate and pour in the milk! Expensive stuff, but good!!!
Happy Fattyboy digging for chocolate!
Ahhh, Friday before our lessons, we went to the market near my house and had the awesome Tian Tian Lai Hokkien Mee and the famous Carrot Cake!!! 
This is the best best bestest Ice Cream I've ever eaten in my life seriously! Maggie Moo's at 313! This is Strawberry Skydive I think. Strawberry Ice Cream with Oreo and Strawberries! I wanna work there and kop the ice cream everyday!!!!
Beach Road Beef Noodles and Claypot Rice!
After dinner at Beach Road, we saw many many civil defencers running towards some place.. so being very typical Singaporean me, I followed them and realised there was a pretty big fire at one of the houses. There were like a lot of smoke and there was some uncle laughing at the situation, so evil luhhh! There were so many civil defence vehicles, ambulances, fire engines and police cars!
Fork and Spoon Laksa Yong Tau Foo. Happy Happy! (: 
The Sergeant with his Yong Tau Foo!
Udders waffle with Strawberry Fields and Rocky Road!
This is dinner tonight! Arnold's 5-piece chicken with yummy coleslaw and fries and drinks and 2 buns! But got cheated, don't get the set meal for 2 if you ever go there! Just get the whole spring chicken set and share!
Come Buy Bubble Tea! This is the Ultimate QQ Milk Tea which supposedly consists of Bubbles (Pearls) and Grass/Glass Jelly. We thought it was Chin-Chow but it isn't! It's some white jelly! And the pearls hard hard one, but flabby likes it!
My pink top which only cost $5.90! 
$10 Dress!! (:
My flowery skirt-shorts which Fattyboy asked me to buy!
It's shorts at the back!
Like this the most!!! $14!!!! (((:
Fattyboy is so gonna kill me when he sees that I took photos of my new clothes after I reached home!!! Cause I made him hold all my clothes to take photos... hahaha, and he was super reluctant!!! =p (See above)

HAHAHA!!! I was bored just now, so I went to watch Photoshop videos and tried to do it!!! LOL!!!

The jelly in my mouth is the supposedly Grass/Glass Jelly!

 Three levels of photoshop!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Go laugh, I know you evil people must be laughing!!!! I know I got no skill luhhhh.....

Alright, tomorrow's breakfast with boyboy before school!!! (:


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