Monday, October 4, 2010

E-Learning Week!

I'm very proud to announce that I'm having E-learning Week this coming week and I have no school for one week!!! E-learning only applies to Arts students and yes, the rest of my engine friends (which is like the rest of the usual 5) have to attend school as per normal!

So I'm blogging at this unearthly hour because there is no school tomorrow!!! (:

Hooray, today was happy like bird day! Went out with LS from Jaljals (Tanahli insisted I refer to them as Jaljals instead of 7eva)! There were only like 3eva, couldn't even make it to 4eva! We went to Bugis to shop shop shop and L bought lots of clothes! Great accomplishment I must say!

The other L (that's me) bought a romper exactly as L(Tanahling) because I got excited when she said she bought a romper and I insisted that she bring me there so I can take a look at those rompers!!! And I bought the exact same one as her!!!

I should change my name to Gnemial (pronounced as Jermel) so I can be G! There are no G's in Jaljals since Gabby is named Annie! I'm still very very proud that I was the one that gave her the name and it has since become her second name!!! (:

My heart is hurting now.

As in literally not figuratively.

Anyway, shall not move so much to prevent it from hurting.

Back to my topic, there are 2 L's and it makes me hard when I type L because you all wouldn't know which L exactly I'm referring to! 

Okayy okayy, anyway, we had dinner at like 9plus because we shopped for really really long. I joined them after my driving lesson!!! Learnt parallel parking todayyy!!!

I'm feeling very excited for this week. Gonna meet up with the Crime & Fiction group mates (Flabs, Sharon, Austen and Chock) on Wednesday to discuss our project. Then probably go somewhere special for Happy Wednesday? Thursday gonna have breakfast with Fattyboyboy since it's his only late day! Friday is Jaljals Friday!!! BBQ at Annie's place!!! So excitingszxzxzx!

Let's see. This week was just exams, exams, exams! Had dinner with the Crime Fiction gang after our lecture on Wed!!! 

The 'show four teeth' pose!
 On Friday after my exam, I followed Fattyboyboy to NUH to visit one of his chem engine friend. Then the whole group of us went to the playground while Joshua went for his scan.

 Random photos time!!!

Fattyboyboy's Squirtle!
 And he had been craving for Haato's green tea icecream since forever! And he finally got it at Thomson Plaza after my tuition on Sat!

 Boyboy hair cut.
 Like a ball.

 Then we went over to Cocoa Tree at Scape and splurged!!! Happy like bird!
 And at night, Wilson treated us to a meal at Sarpino Pizza because it was his 21st birthday!

The love birds!
 Scary Ah Cai!!!
 The stuff from Cocoa Tree!!!
 Today, I went over to Flabs' house before my driving and he slept and slept and slept and slept and I entertained myself...
 Sleeping like a DOG!

 And last photo, a really super long time ago photo! Think I was at Arts Precamp or something! Skyping with the fattyboy!

Yay, end of blog post!!! I want to go out and play play play!!! ((:

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