Friday, October 8, 2010

2 Exciting Days!!!

Hello friends!!! I'm here to blog about my very exciting days yesterday and today (Thurs and Fri)!!!

Yesterday was tuition in the afternoon! And I really wanted to sleep after I came home from tuition, but I couldn't ps the other house ics so I went to Holland V for the xlb buffet!!! Super fun to meet up with them!! For the entire dinner, I was playing scissors paper stone with xavier!!! And I'm proud to say I've leveled- up after last night!!! I had training for my reaction time!!!


Xavier was sitting beside me and he will out-of-nowhere start saying 'Scissors Paper Stone' and we'll start playing!!! The first to win 3 will win!

Super nice photo!!!! Taken with Chock's Iphone!!!

While Chock was taking photo of the prawn, David threw his specs onto it!!!


Love this photo too!!!! Super niceeeee!!! House ICs ((((:

This was supposed to be a candid shot but I knew the camera was facing me!!! Happy so happy!! (((:

We were still playing our game even when we're at Cold Storage!!!

 Then Fattyboy waited for me under my block for more than an hour last night just to pass me my notes!!! SORRY FLABS!!! And thankyouverymuch, you'resuperduperniceeee!!!

Somemore, I reached my house at around 2plus! So he waited from 1plus am to 2plus am!!! @.@

Today!!! I met Gabby and Joyce at tpy after Gabs went to cut her hair! Then Joyce drove us to Thomson Plaza to get the food for BBQ!!! Lings joined us after her school!!!

Photos from Tanahli's camera! She's efficient for once ehh!!!

BBQ time!!
Flabby the fire-starter boy!

Cheers to our mussels!!!

Jaljals!!!! (((:

This was taken at Gabs' house with Gabs' son, Domo!

Now photos from Flabs' camera!!! Sorry I didn't blog in time order cause it's late and I've tuition tomorrow and I wanna sleep!!!
The rest went to Jess' place and Flabs and I were wrapping prawns!!!

Nothing to pose with...

After wrapping prawns, we had nothing to do!!!

And the two of them wanted to act like thery're working hard...

See Tanahli, Flabby isn't very useless okayyys!!! He started the fire!!!

We're very efficient okay!!

After we surprised Joyce, we wanted to take a group photo! Then Tanahling went to stick her marshmellows into Tanahli's hair!!!

Group photo!!! ((:

I had an awesome time with my friends these past two days!! And I haven't been studying!!! =/

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