Friday, September 10, 2010

Yummy Yoghurt

I decided to come blog because I've nothing much to do online and it's public holiday tomorrow so I didn't want to touch my notes!!! There's training tomorrow for ifg though, so it isn't free day after all!

Today was a fine day.

I went to Marina Bay Sands with belac (that's caleb spelt backwards if you're wondering) to walk around. All we did was really to walk around, most of the shops aren't open for business yet, in fact they are not even like done I think. Super ups shopping centre! It's like a huge huge huge place divided into several towers and we concluded there is like an Up Up Ups tower and an Up Ups tower (which also means less Ups but still Ups).

Only interesting thing was the boats in the shopping centre???

There were small boats with tourists or people sitting in them. Very lame. There is like a small 'river' in the shopping mall and all that the boats do was to row in that very small 'river', make a u-turn and row back.

Photos are in belac's camera!

Oh, forgot to mention that we walked past the helix bridge to Marina Bay Sands. So we walked all the way from Marina Square to Bay Sands, and back to Marina Square for dinner at Kenny Rogers!

All in belac's camera.

Today, I saw the freshies in school after my lesson ended. There were six of them seated together at the deck and they looked so happy. Then I started feeling sad. I used to feel that way. Attending every single lecture and tutorial with Liyana and Chock, always eating lunch with the two of them, and I'm always with them during breaks... people called us the trio? Now, it's like I only see Seb and Daniu during lectures, I don't lunch with them or whatsoever... It's like I've to learn to be independent. I've to attend tutorials by myself.. okayy, at least belac always lunches with me and I don't lunch alone but it's just that there are many moments that I've to be alone.

And I dislike being alone.

Today, I forced Seb to stay with me till 4pm because lecture ended at 315pm and belac was still at the swimming pool and I didn't have anyone to hang around with till he comes back.

Then on the way while we were walking aimlessly, we met Hasan whose lecture only starts at 4pm and he was early for his lecture so he was walking really slowly... then he joined us when he saw us. haha.

Then the three of us walked aimlessly to the library... and at the entrance of the library, we decided we didn't want to go to the library and we turned and walked back in the direction that we came from. When we saw a bench, we randomly decided to just sit down there and talk.

And we talked.

That was so fun.

There should be more random moments like this to make school life seems less lonely.

And belac went for a run and he's taking forever AGAIN.

Anyway, I shall put random photos of myself here!

This is the day after I extracted my wisdom teeth. Swollen face.
And I was eating Yoghurt just now. Yoghurt that belac bought for me when he came to visit me after I extracted my wisdom teeth.


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