Monday, September 27, 2010

Recess Week= Dog Week

Blogger changed format now it feels weird to blog! Anyway, I should be studying but I ended up finding some game on facebook and I've been playing it for the entire day! And tuition's in another hour time. Never study!!!

I came to upload photos from this week!!! Okayy, IFG was quite some time ago but I just wanna upload some random photos of me! wahaha!
 This was taken when I was playing against Engine. Lost the game (against two RJians) but this was like one of the rare points when I managed to smash and tap them!!!
 On Tuesday, flabs and I went to Five Star Kampong Chicken again! Boomz expensive chicken rice!
 My very spastic boyf.
 Me: Flabby, look over there! The moon is so round!!!
Flabby: (points to the front) See, there are 4 moons over there!

These are the 4 lamp posts moons he was referring to!
 Wednesday was Arts Club Appreciation Dinner!
 8/12 House ICs!!! (:
 With Shi Chen, the new Arts Club Pres.

 The Ah Gua guys!
 Thursday I had driving and after that, Flabs and I went to Old Airport Road to have dinner! Lao Fu Zi Char Kway Teow!
 Ngoh Hiang!
 And after that, the two of us met Ah Cai and Aussie and we went to watch The Legend of Fist! And after the movie while deciding on where to go next, we met Ian and Chock! Btw, the four of us went to Feifei for supper after our movie!!!
 Friday!!! Brunch at Hatched!!! (((:

Went out with Jessica, Liling and Shun on Saturday! And Tanahli said she will definitely upload the photos by that night, if not she will treat us to Hk cafe!!! BUT till now, the photos are still not uploaded!!!

It's Monday and my midterms start tomorrow!!! ):

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