Sunday, September 12, 2010

Half Clutch Is The Key

I had my first driving lesson today!!!!!!

Initially, I had 3 exclamations behind the word 'today' but I felt that it was insufficient and decided to add another 3 more. haha.

Driving was fun. Time passed really quickly. The instructor was belac and benny's instructor. Belac sent me there and we spotted his car and went to find him. The engine probably stalled like 4 times throughout the lesson cause half clutch is like weird! One time the engine stalled cos I didn't place my foot properly and I wanted to adjust it and the engine stalled! -.-

So I learnt my lesson... once my foot wasn't comfortable on the clutch too. BUT I secretly used my left leg to step on the clutch while I adjust my right leg. hahaha. I just remembered I didn't tell belac this!

I kept putting my right leg down instead of resting it on the accelerator, and the instructor started saying me!

He was like "there are three pedals and you only have two legs and yet you're wasting one leg"... something like that.

He spoke to me in chinese and I got a little confused sometimes cause I didn't really know what he wanted me to do.

But I was really excited when I saw belac after my lesson and started bombarding him with interesting things that happened. I can't remember most of the things that happened anymore and it just doesn't sound that exciting now that I'm blogging...

So, post photos!

Photos the other day when we walked across the helix bridge to Marina Bay Sands.

This was taken near the floating platform.
Helix bridge behind belac.
And when there are only two of us, we can't really take photos of the two of us with the background by ourselves!
Tried our best and a nice photo with the helix bridge! (:
The cracked egg shell or soccer ball???
Then one nice angmoh came and asked us if we needed her to take a photo for us! So nice!!! (:
This is the interior of Marina Bay Sands. Very few shops opened!
Funny random painting!
haha, spot the boat rowing in the middle of the shopping mall!!!
Kenny Rogers for dinner at Marina Square!

Belac forming some art piece...
=) :)
I'm Ms Fork.

I'm like addicted to youtube again! Listening to new songs and clicking on youtube links that people posted on their walls!!! =/

I want to meet up with 7eva and Royalties and 'xclusive and friends and not go to school.

7eva always meet up but I'm always not able to attend!!! ))):
Royalties, meeting this week???
'xclusive... Songminghan is overseas and won't be back till 15th! Ehhh, come to think of it, that's a few days later!!! Oh yay. Songminghan, come back plan outing okayys!!!

On a side note, I don't understand the lecturers and doing the tutorial demoralizes me!

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