Monday, September 20, 2010

Food Is Good, All The Time!

This post will make you drool, if you're hungry! I've been eating too much good food nowadays and spending far too much money. That is part of the reason why I've decided to stay home for lunch for the entire recess week and to eat hawker food if I were to lunch out! Need to save money!!! And I'm going to Taiwan with Lebbs and his chem engine friends at the end of the year (I haven't told my parents about it and Lebbs already transferred money to Joshua @.@)... so I need to start saving money for shopping and food there!!! (((:

Long paragraph to start with this post. Don't worry, I'm me. haha, there was once when Lebbs blogged for me and it was filled with chunks and chunks of words but surprisingly, I think only one or two people realised it wasn't me. Okayy, this time, it's me!

That fatty fell asleep on the sofa after he reached home (as usual) and I think he's probably bathing now!

Anyway, it's a 'lots of good food' post. Aren't you excited???

I read this random girl's blog and she was saying how it's good to have a boyfriend because whenever you can't decide what you wanna get, you just gotta tell him, "I don't know if I should get A or B!" and ta-dah, he will automatically reply you with, "Why not you get A and I get B?"


Lebbs is a super indecisive person and I'm the kind of person that hates to make decisions! So, we usually take really long to make decisions BUT I always get to eat whatever I want! (: And the fatty boy (he called himself that!) loves to feed me with food.

And that blogger also mentioned another very good point, she said that when the food comes and for instance, she tasted A and she loves it a lot a lot, then her boyfriend will let her eat A and he will take B... and if she hates A a lot a lot, he will take A over from her and let her have B! Boyfriends are awesome, isn't it?

(thinking if my boyfriend does that)

I think he does.

I think I'm always praising fatty boy on my blog! All of you must have the impression that he's super nice to me and I'm the one who always bully him and he's like a 10/10 boyfriend and bla bla bla. Noooo, I don't bully him!!! Right, fatty???

haha, okayy, this post is filled with rubbish... it's been long since I typed so many words on my blog!!!

I'm having recess week this week!! BUT IT IS TOTALLY THE WEEK TO MUG LIKE A DOG!

I'm having 4 midterms right after recess week is over! All on the same week!!! ))): Ultimate sadness, can't enjoy my holiday at all!!!

And yeah yeah, almost forgot to blog about IFG!!! YOU KNOW I WAS FACED WITH THE EXACT SAME SITUATION AS LAST YEAR!!!

Last year, we were playing against medicine and it was 2-2 and my game was the deciding match!!! But the unfair thing was, we were playing against an IVP player!!! And we played rubber set but we lost against Medicine and came in second!!!

This year, my partner and I faced the exact same situation! The score was 2-2 and we were playing the deciding match whether we could make it to finals!!! And we lost the first set, omg so damn scared and nervous after that!!! But thankfully, we managed to win back the second set and we won the third set and made it to finals!!!


haha, that was what I wanted to blog about... that's all. We won medicine! (((: But well, we lost to Engine (cheaters!!!) thanks to their 2nd seed in Singapore and RJ players!!! No way we could beat them seriously. They should just go join IVP luhhh!!!

But second was good enough!!! (((:

Okayy, finally finished all the talking about other stuff... should start with the photos!!! (:

Yoghurt at Kallang Leisure Park!
Some days after I extracted my wisdom teeth, I desperately wanted to eat good food and fatty boy brought me to this super ups crepe place!!! Bill was like $55 plus omggg... but seriously the crepes were awesome!!! This is the Smoked Salmon Crepe!
And my Mushroom Chicken Crepe!!!
The center parting fatty boy looking drunk after drinking......
This apple drink which is like apple flavoured beer!
Then just last Monday, before heading to Lillian's house, we went to eat opposite Beauty World at Bukit Timah, Five Star Kampong Chicken! Had their Salad Youtiao which was okayy, normal I think.
Sambal Kailan which still isn't as nice as the one at "No Signboard Restaurant". Other than that we had chicken rice with 2 huge drumsticks!!!
And the next day, Aussie, Ah Cai, Lebby and I went to Novena to study and before that we had Texas Chicken for dinner. It isn't as nice compared to Popeyes! My favourite's still Pop-eyes!!!
La Mian XLB! As usual, I had my Zha Jiang Mian and Lebby wanted to eat this initially, but he knew I was eating it so he ordered something else! haha, good example of nice boyfriend.
He ordered Pork Chop La Mian.
After my badminton training on Thursday, I went over to Jurong Point to meet Benny and Lebby! Had my dinner at Din Tai Feng. They had dinner already so they had XLBs while I ate my Zha Jiang Mian! And after dinner, we went over to Benny's hall to take a look! Super nice!!! So spacious and there's aircon!!!
And on Friday, we had Wu Xiang before going for cell!!! Super nice Wu Xiang near Macpherson! Every single table in the coffee shop had this on their tables! Seriously, there were like 5 or 6 tables around us and all of them had food from this stall!
Told you I've been eating good food! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!

I think I'm suffering from memory loss nowadays I don't remember when I took this photo. And I'm especially having memory loss for my phone! I always misplace my phone and I won't remember where I put it. Like I'll always forget to take it when I get out of the car or I'll put it something else I don't know what's happening to me. The other day, I left my phone at Lebbs' house, then another day, I left it in his car. And almost every day before I go home, Lebbs has to remind me to take my phone before I'll remember it. And today, I left my phone at the back seat of the car...
On Saturday, we went to Central at Clarke Quay to celebrate Andrew's birthday! We went to Watami and every single one of us ordered the set meal and our whole table was flooded with food. Seriously, there was like no space for me to put my little plate, I had to hold it to eat!

The set meal for 2 consists of:

Hot Pot Salmon! Awesome!
Udon! + supposedly an egg but it miraculously went to the other table so they had 2 eggs and I only realised after I finished the entire meal.
Fried Chicken!
Omelette with pork and onion inside.
Beef Bibimbap!
And corn with potatoes which I forgot to take due to the crazy amount of food! This was only for the two of us! The other five of them shared the set meal for four and it was worse than this!!! And the dishes aren't fixed, you get to select them yourselves! Eun and Evan shared the set for 2 too!!! So our table was flooded with food!!! Super a lot of food Lebby and I couldn't finish them at all! So I kept throwing food to Gabby, Sasa, Xiaoken, Aaron and Andrew! HAHA!

And it's todayyy!!!
haha, the fatty boy's big face!!!
Had Penang Char Kway Tiao for lunch and Fatty let me eat the whole plate when we were supposed to share that and Yong Tau Foo cause I didn't really like the Yong Tau Foo! But he knows I like the veggie and he specially got it... wahaha. So I got to eat the food I wanted.

And dinner was at famous Yong Tau Foo at Siglap! Super nice!!! ((((:

That's the end of my food post! Long post, don't say I never entertain you people!! (:

Woohoo, must mug like a dog for midterms. Now thirsty like a hippo, shall go drink water.

Byeeee!!! (:

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