Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Overdue Photos Again! =/

I'm so sorry.. every single time I come to blog, I'm here to clear photos!! =/ I don't know why but I just don't have the time to blog as often as in the past...

Anyway, I just realised the photos are arranged from most current to super long time ago!!!

So, here comes!!!

Just yesterday (Sunday), JALJALS (Pat came up with the name cause it's Joyce, Anqi, Liling, Jessica, Annie, Laimeng, Shunli) met up!!! Went to town to walk around looking for stuff and in the end, Ahli, Ahtang and I only bought 1 ring each! Nothing to buy!!! We had dinner at some Jap restaurant (I LIKE!) and went to Cafe Cartel to celebrate her birthday (cakes half-priced after 9!)

(Wrong order for photos makes it super difficult to blog... bahhh.)

These are the ear studs that each of us get. Jess doesn't have a ear hole.

Ladybug - Joyce; Chick that can't stand - Pat; Blue fish - Ahli; Snail - DEFINITELY Annie; Penguin - Mine; Bird - Ahtang!
Annie's ring on top, Ahtang's Mouse ring, Ahli's 2 finger key ring, and my unique flower ring!
Group photo which turned out very bad ): But still, 7eva!!! (:
The birthday girl! (:
Then on Wednesday, after tuition I went over to Annie's house cause we decided to go crubbing (as Ahli calls it)... in the toilet preparing!
Ahtang didn't go cause she was sick and Jess joined us there directly.
Fatlebbs who went into the female toilet!!! Christabel!
Horrible experience. Flaming killed me. Thankyouverymuchnocomments.

The previous Sunday, xclusive met up to go to Songminghan's place for poker, Timbre (sounds familiar I think I blogged about it in my previous post!), then sudden decision to head over to Ek's house for stayover. Okayyy, photos are out (quite long ago oops!).

Stayover photos! Mel! (:

That's a crocodile if you're wondering!!!
Xclusive! (:
Then after crubbing day, hangover (yucksss)... so I made fatlebbs have porridge dinner with me! =p
And on crubbing day, we had Ameen dinner! Booomz exploded like mad!!!! Over-ordered!!!

Butter Chicken and Naan!
And Shrimp Paste Kailan.
And one day before Ah Cai's birthday, fatlebbs and I went to Vivo at night after my tuition to buy Ah Cai's present and we had sushi!!!
After my tuition and Fatlebbs just finished cutting his hair!
We were at Vivo in the day and we had Soup Spoon for lunch! Beef Goulash used to be one of my favourite.
Salmon Sandwich...
Until this Chicken thingy came out! It's super nice and not gelat at all!

Oh yay, end of photos!!!

And to rebut against Songminghan's accusation of me being a bimbo... I AM NOT A BIMBO!!! I could play the drums (in rockband) after practising for a few songs! I tried to play the guitar and I managed to pass it! And I sang okayyy... why am I a bimbo???

I AM A ROCKSTAR!!!! haha. Joke.

Okayy, there's school tomorrow!!!

P.S Fatlebbs, my blog's filled with you leh, but your blog no me!

Yay, talking rubbish cause it's 0120am and I'm stressed...

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