Monday, August 9, 2010


My internet's on-off and it's annoying... but still, I managed to organise the photos and upload them!!! I'm uploading photos now cause I know my blog's been dead and people aren't being entertained due to the fact that they have nothing to read when they come here... and there will be more photos to be uploaded once Songminghan uploads those taken yesterday!!!

I've been MIA-ing for a reason! O'week! S House won Best House again! Super happy for me cause Wilson told me I'm the only House IC who has ever won twice!!! (((: Was really super nervous when they were announcing the second placing!!! Sawesome (So Awesome!)!!! (: O'week was tiring ttm! Super shagged after O'week and my legs were dying when I was trying to walk to Lebbs' car after Rag!

But well, it was a happy happy O'week! (:

Yesterday was Xclusive gathering! We went over to Songminghan's place to play Poker before heading to Timbre to feed mosquitoes and then it was home again to grab my clothes before going over to Engkwan's house for rockband and stayover!! It was sawesome too! (: I'll upload photos and update my blog when the photos are up!!! (: Bet there will be tons of unglam shots of me, but well, what can you expect with Songminghan and his camera around right?

Photos time!!!

Long time ago in ancient time, Booza went for a picnic. I haven't cut my hair then and I think I look very retarded so no photos! =/ But I was hardworking I made sushi for picnic!!!
Then on Friday, 30 July, I went over to Lebbs' house to cook!
Sambal Kailan is Sawesome! (:
Shrimp Wanton in Garlic Soup (garlic yucks!!!)
Peach Yoghurt Mochi. Lebbs bought all the food while I was sleeping at home and it was raining so he came to pick me up from my house!!! My boyf's very niceeee right! (: He bought all the food that I wanted to eat!
Then I fell asleep again in his house, and I woke up to see 4 crepes! (:

Then on a random day, we went over to the Orange Tee building at tpy for dinner!

Fried Golden Mushroom with Cereals!
Fried Laksa!
Kailan in 3 ways.. no idea why it's named that way cause I could only see 1 way..
Lebby's dimple.. so random.
After cooking on Friday, we went over to the floating platform cause Ah Cai had tickets to go for the YOG ceremony.
Then after the parade, we went over to Feifei Wanton Mee for supper!
Saturday was the start of O'week!!

We had mass icebreakers at the basketball court which was crazily sunny!
OG: Siaoliao!
Saturday was campus tour, Sunday's sports day got cancelled, Monday was FIC!

OG: Slurpee!
Siaoliao... (:
Still Siaoliao.
With Charmaine and Jaren!
Chock and Charmaine!
Beach day!! I was standing somewhere else and suddenly, the OG Suddenly came and grabbed me and said they needed me. So I had to roll into the water cause they wanted one House IC...
S House!
R-A-T-S Rats! We did many many shots of different words haha!
A-S-S Ass!
And this was taken on the last day when I was very diligently counting the icecream sticks!
Panda the super Mario!!! haha.
S is for Superman!
OG: Skarma!
OG: See Bee!
OG: Suddenly!
OG: Siaoliao!
OG: Slurpee!
This photo is ohhh, so sweet! (:
Random S House girls that came to take photo with us! and my hair is 'piak!'...
With my circle of food!!!! (:
Food is love!
Mr toot.
Braised tofu...
Deep Fried Pumpkin Balls with Salted Egg Yolk. Toot's favourite!
Fried rice with Shrimp and Prawn! SAWESOME!!!

That's all the photos for now!! It's National Day today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!!!

And school's starting tomorrow! Not awesome! ):

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