Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yeahhh, here to spam photos again!!!

Fatlebbs is busy blogging and there is no one to entertain me and the crazy mathematics is making my brain lose its function, so I'm here to blog! I'm pretty sure I'll finish blogging before that paddington bear and be left with nothing to do again!!! ):

Long time ago, the Royalties went to have lunch together at Sun with Moon cause recruit Aaron is out. Boomzzzz.
Met fatty and went shopping... then it was Happylemon again! (:
On teddypadding's birthday, (hahaha, you people must be confused!!! Why so many different names???, actually... it's all the same person!) we had breakfast at Macs before heading to Bishan to buy chicken rice home for my mama.

Then it was photobooth time!
o.O + OpO (p stands for the tongue)
And okayy, the fake *stares out of window* look.
And mummy gave us each one bowl of desserts and made us eat it!
This is taken while waiting for the chicken rice stall to open!
And dinner was at Sakura International Buffet!
Then the following day, on Friday, the usuals went to ecp for our TBTD (Tandem Bike Triple Date). Awesome! (:
Teddy looks nice here and I look like ....
Tandem bike!!!
STUNNER!!! Right after I did this stunning stun, I fell off the bike and did a roll and landed face up on the ground! And I was super pro cause I rolled and ended with very very minor scratches!!!
The usuals! (:

Saturday was Arts and SDE Bash!!!

We are happy tall people!!!
Queueing for Astons!
Love this polariod that was taking there!!! But there was only 1 and yeah, he got to keep it.
And I wasn't ready when the first photo was taken... that explains the retarded face!

And our shitting poses!!!

Look! I'm done with blogging! Photos and very few words = my blogging style nowadays.

It's tuition, tuition and tuition everyday, I hardly have time to go out!

And why is the mathematics so difficult?

Brain is fried.


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