Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Awesome Usual 5!

Friday was spent at the hotel (so scandalous) with beloved littlefats...... and the other members of the usual 5 + Wilson.

We had a room cause Caleb's family booked 2 rooms from Friday-Sunday and he asked them to give us a room! (:

The two of us reached the earliest cause the others were late!!! So we started taking photos!!! (:

The emo nemo "look out of window" pose.
Amara Hotel is very nice! Though the few out of the window is really not nice at all.
Super comfy bed!!!
The usual set timer shots!

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down!!!
A failed photo with the pool cause it was so dark, the pool cant be seen!!!
And the theme for the stayover was.... RAINBOW CONNECTION!!! Yes, the awesome person to think of that theme is ME!!! lol.
Our awesome colour combi! Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red!
Ah Cai made us bump each other left and right so that we can have a photo of the colours merging together.

Note: There were 2 person (Ah Cai and Austen) on the other bed while Sharon, Caleb and I were on the bed on the left in the photo.
And the two of them jumped so hard that......
THE BED BROKE!!! Seriously! SOMETHING FROM THE BED BROKE AND THE ENGINEERS TRIED TO FIX IT... but to no avail. I'm the other non-engineer out of the whole lot!
The two culprits!
The stack of rainbow colours. Austen is a super fail photographer. I was taupok for so many times and all of the photos either cut my or him off!
Then we decided we should let him be the base... and tadah, one time and the photo's good!
Mirror shot that took us super long to take!!
And the curtain shots are on facebook!
Tried to act like a gymnast and this is the final product!
Funny flabby at the back...
Photo that's taken from below. Only flabs looks normal!!!

Hair flying all around...
I don't know, just looks funny.
Big Head Doll!
And they kept shaking to try to make their heads look skinny like a pencil.
And this was taken on Saturday when I just woke up.
The swimming pool...

I'm the bartender!!!
:P Random photo of the day...

Went home and over to Flabs' house before heading to the salon to get his hair chopped off...

Engine Bash to support Alex.

Candid shot when I was telling Flabs something.
Usual 5 photo with that guy being Sharon.

Mr. Fabulous!
The drunkard haha!

End of photos!!! I was dong my tutorial and seriously, I always can't get it.

cheem cheem cheem.

No school tomorrow! (((:

No more words to type because everyday is school, school and more school.

Bye! (:

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