Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Series Of Unfortunate Events


First, my right knee hurt the entire day for no reason.
Second, I wanted to cook Kailan but ended up buying some bitter veggie.
Third, we sat at the wrong seats for the movie, therefore we had to move, and this caused the forth unfortunate event.
Forth, the cheese from the nachos ended landing on my top and bag, the only lucky thing was, my top was black so it wasn't obvious after i spammed wet tissue.
Fifth, I was walking walking and some idiotic guy opened some "out-of-nowhere-there-shouldn't-be-a-door-here" door and hit me which made me moved 5cm to my left and he gave me a "I'm just opening the door" look and wasn't apologetic at all.
Sixth, I talked to myself.
Seventh, I talked to myself.
Eighth, I talked to myself.
Ninth, I talk to myself.
Tenth, I still talked to myself.


Anyway, I'm off for cruise from tomorrow till Sunday, chalet from Sunday-Monday night, Booza picnic on Tuesday. I'll be missing. Bye.

I hope tomorrow will be a good day.

I pray that I won't trip and fall and land in the water while boarding, I pray that I won't slip and fall right smack on my face in front of everyone, I pray that I won't choke while eating, I pray that I won't forget to bring my passport and end up missing the cruise.

In short, I pray that I won't be as unlucky as today.

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