Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm A Foodaholic!

Good Food. Good Food. Good Food.

Looking at the food makes me hungry but I feel happy posting photos of the food up anyway!!! (:

Just now was good food day with Feibi again. Okayy, I think we're having too many good food days, but good food days = HAPPINESS! (:

Red Star Restaurant Dim Sum!!! Yummy Jiu Cai Dumpling!
So so Chicken Feet.
It was a mistake that we ordered Char Siew Bao.. after ordering it, both of us didn't feel like eating it!
Most Awesome Har Gou!!! It's filled with huge prawns!!! (:
Siew Mai! (:
And Fried Tofu which was nice too (:
Chrysanthemum Tea.
Then today, we had lunch at Mos, went to Feibi's house to slack, before having dinner at Ichiban Sushi back at Toa Payoh. Feibi was super sleepy, therefore the -.- face.
Sashimi Salad.
The Peak. Consisting of Crispy bottom, Salmon, Cucumber and Lobster Salad with Chilli Padi.
Our usual set meal. Eel with Egg Rice Bowl, Salmon Rice Bowl, Chawanmushi, Miso Soup, and Soft Shell Crab Tempura!

We were exploding by the time we finished eating, HAPPY FOOD HAPPY FOOD!!! (:

Had tuition just now, tuition's tomorrow again. Tuition's BORING!!! ):

Alright shall sleep early!!! (:

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