Sunday, July 4, 2010

If Only Everyday's Like Today!us


I'm here to blog, photos refused to be uploaded!

Today I woke up at 0422pm and got a shock because I didn't exactly sleep very late the night before. I think I slept around 2am last night, which means I had a crazy 14.5 hours of sleep!

Then I only had 3 pieces of digestives for lunch because I didn't feel like eating when I woke up.

Met Ah Cai, Colby and Fatlebbs for dinner at Pastamania before the other two left.

Then I bought a cheap nice dress! (((:

That's all. No photos, nothing to blog about.

Okayy, right after I typed that sentence, the photos appeared!

On Thursday, I went to watch Eclipse with Fatlebbs and he bought the Eclipse combo for me! (:

The Eclipse Popcorn box which was left at the cinema.
And the cup which he took to the toilet to wash for me! (:
Chionged to tuition after the movie and then for dental in the evening.

And Flabby Loves Me!
I took this random photo on Thursday I think. The scar on my hand (from Bintan mountain fall) is still here!!! Doesn't look like it's going to disappear anytime soon. It's like super obvious ):

Friday was work in the morning, and I made this little girl cry cause I jokingly said, "No Jamie, you can't touch me... cause you're a boy!"

And she cried. @.@

But she was fine after the teacher talked to her. Long story and I feel like sleeping already. So, ask me if you really wanna know the entire story. haha.

Afternoon's lesson was cancelled cause it was raining very heavily... so I went home to slack and bathe before my tuition in the evening.

Alright, end of news reporting. Goodnight!

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