Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flooded! With Photos!

I really feel like sleeping now cause I slept at 2plus last night and I had to be in school at 9am today!! ):

But today's a great day so I decided to come and blog!!! (:

Long time ago, on Thursday, fatlebbs and I decided to cook lunch.
The usual fatlebbs face.

And our sausages, gyozas and cheese tofus!
And I wanted to buy kailan and I ended up buying this weird tasting veggie!!
Then this was the cruise day, when I was at Sharon's house.
And on the cruise...
I had buffet everyday but I didn't take many photos cause I was busy eating. Eat, sleep, casino, eat, sleep, casino...
And I had manicure on the cruise...

Tapioca chips!!! (: And I just realised I haven't had the chance to eat this since I came back cause there wasn't time!
Dress that I bought from shopping at KL.
Right after I came back from cruise, fatlebbs and I went to Marche for crepes! (:

Then I packed my bag and went for S House chalet at NSRCC!
And we played some drinking game and the person who drew the Jack has to put the plastic bag over his/her head and drink every single time anyone drinks.
Then the following day, I went over to Andrew's house for Royalties gathering! Aaron's going into army... oh actually he enlisted today.. so there was a farewell dinner for him! Our Royal Family is expanding!
I think this photo's funny cause I see fatlebbs and sasa talking to each other on the phone?!?!? haha.
And we became Avatars!
And the day after Tuesday, I had tuition and today I have the bidding session for the freshies in school. TIRED!!!

Went for Dim Sum today! (: Feeling super full still!!!

Okayy, I'm super sleepy now!!! ))):


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