Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm sorry I went missing for a very very long time... but there were so many photos to upload and I wanted to upload them properly (as in the time sequence and stuff), but every time I think of arranging them, I feel very lazy and therefore, lack of updates!

Anyway, I went missing cause of Union Camp! 4 days in camp. 2 hours of sleep everyday, I almost died.

Shall start with the preparation period!

We were thinking of cheers and stuff at Yakun!! (:
Then another random Sunday, we went to make the OG identity at ECP! (:
Then Monday was day 0!
Supper with Booza!!! (:
The Stunner councillors and OGLs!!! We were in Austen's and Daniel's room, painting our nails RED!
This is Day 2 I think.

Fort Canning Park!
Sony Vaio!
Day 3 at Sentosa!

The soccer player pose!!!

At Wavehouse! I like this photo cause it looks pretty for some reason!
The Foam Machine!

Then at Wavehouse, Ah Cai, Colby, Caleb and I danced non-stop blindfolded... and I was the second last remaining on the stage. AND I DANCED LIKE SOME CRAZY WOMAN JUST TO GET ONE DRINK COUPON! ONE! 1! ONE! -.- If I knew it was ONE drink coupon, I wouldn't have exercised like I'm not gonna live tomorrow!
Then another random day, we went to Sharon's house for dinner cause her mother had some Primary School gathering so there was buffet. And we interrogated Ian!!
And another random day again, HAHA, we went to Astons for dinner!

And we played Monopoly Deal at Dhoby interchange.

And Feibi and I went for Dim Sum one day for dinner. (:
And we played Monopoly Deal in the car while waiting for Benny to be ready. I was on my way to Sharon's house to watch the Spain and Holland Match, while Feibi and Benny were heading to Ian's house.
Late dinner after my O'week meeting! Butter Chicken and Naan! (:
And just yesterday, we went to Joe's Kitchen again! It's opened by Feibi's friend's girlfriend so we could have gotten free desserts!!! But we were exploding by the time we finished, so we didn't take the desserts. And Feibi says, "the flavour will be contained if you fold the straw in like that"...
Seafood Tom Yam Soup.
Vermicelli. Yummy!

Thursday (TODAY!) is a popular day... I've S House dinner at Shokudo, Royalties dinner at Chilli Padi (some Nonya buffet), Booza dinner and movie at 313 and Stunners supper at Geylang for Dim Sum!

I think that's all the photos. The rest are up on facebook!!!


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