Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Can't Think Of Any Title!

Halo. Halo. Halo.

Surprisingly, I woke up at 9plus today despite sleeping at 1plus last night. Had a fulfilling 15plus hours of sleep after I camp back from O'week Precamp. Sharon came over to my house yesterday morning at 9plus to use my internet cause she realised she couldn't assess facebook at her house and she NEEDED to play Treasure Madness.

Narration. Narration. Narration.

Many things happened over the past week.

Thursday, had S House meet up at Shokudo, Royalties gathering at Chilli Padi, some Nonya buffet, then supper with the Stunner! (:

Stunner Supper at 126! Dim Sum! (:

Friday was Dim Sum at Red Star Restaurant at Chinatown before kbox with Royalties! Then I had to leave for tuition before going to school for Precamp Day 0!!!

Precamp Day 1! Mass Ice-Breakers, Campus Tour, Sports Day, Night Games!

Day 2. Pre-war, War and Beach Games at Sentosa!
And I was talking, talking, talking and all of a sudden, they started grabbing me!

And they flipped me, and it was damn painful!!!
Rained the entire day at Sentosa but the station games continued... and I was freezing like mad!!!

Laptop's dying and I don't wanna charge it. So goodbye!

I'm going on cruise on Friday-Sunday!!! So exciting.

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