Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Random whacking session, steamboat at Novena!!!

Had fun whacking lots of food and I wasn't lazy, I peeled the prawns!!! Nothing much to blog about, so I'm gonna spam photos! (:

Soups with veggies! (:
Prawns, Crabs, Sushi, Mantous, Onion Rings, Chicken, Tapioca and other stuff.
Teppanyaki was yummy, but ambitious us took too much we couldn't finish them!
Fatlebbs throwing in the tons and tons of mushrooms.

Then we went to take our desserts, while we were still taking other desserts, one of the waitress threw our desserts that we took (those on the table) into the soup cause she thought that we left already. So we came back and got a shock cause we saw our eclairs and cream puff floating in the soup. lol.

Went over to Cold Storage to walk around after dinner.
Retarded looking Cookie Monster that has such a long neck I don't know why.
Retarded Cookie Monster's twin.
And MACAROONS from Bakerzin! (: Fatlebbs bought this for me! (: THANK YOU FEIBI!

That's all for today! Eat Eat Eat!

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