Sunday, June 13, 2010

Please Take One From Me!!!

Flyer distribution today! Went to the shop, waited, took a bus to dhoby, realised there are too few people around, walked to Ion, gave out at Ion, left to meet Flabs.

And I was so sad each time someone said NO! when I was smiling at them with the "Oh please take my flyer, I will be VERY grateful to you" look. AND I WAS REALLY LITERALLY SMILING LIKE I MEAN IT!!! But each time someone says NO, the smile becomes smaller... then when another person says NO, it becomes smaller again... and the worst worst worst thing is, WHEN THE PERSON IGNORES YOU AND WALKS OFF! NO REPLY OR RESPONSE AT ALL!!!


I hope this kind of people has a chance to give out flyers in future and I hope many many many people do that to them!!! >:(

BUT things can't be that bad... so Lionel Lewis (Singapore Team's Goalkeeper) was at Ion cause there was some soccer event!!! And when Ah Xiong pointed him out to me, I didn't even believe it... cause on teevee, he looks tall and huge and just huge. But in reality, he's tall no doubt.. but he's skinny. Like tall and skinny and he looks quite nice ehh...

Then when I was being very sad (but still smiling like some retard, saying thank you to everyone who took my flyer because I was really grateful to them!), he came up the escalator and gave me a SURPRISE!!! hahahaha. No, actually he didn't do anything. All he did was to come up the escalator. lol. Then I offered my flyer to him, but no, he didn't take it either...

BUT HE SMILED AT ME!!! wahahaha. For your info, I'm not into him. I'm just high cause I was sad and I saw this pretty famous guy while giving out my flyers and he's tall and skinny. Okayy, maybe not the tall and skinny part but he's quite famous right??? hahahah!!!!

Anyway, my very sad pay is barely enough for covering the transport fee. How sad. And I went to whack a pair of havaianas because I went past the shop and I was with Flabs.

*note to self: do not, do not, do not be influenced by Caleb*

He LOVES to whack. Crazy guy. No money still whack. He whacked in Topman AGAIN!!! As if the previous few hundred dollars wasn't enough. He bought shoes which I doubt will see the light and sunglasses and a basic tee...

Oh, and I bought a pair of shades from F21!! (:

Had dinner at Crystal Jade! Zha Jiang Mian, Xiao Long Bao and Gan Bian Si Ji Dou!!! (((:

And yesterday was a joke. Jess, Ah Tang, Ahli and I supposedly went for some Mayday concert because Jess had free tickets... in the end, it turned out to be some event for some beauty products company and it was their 20th anniversary! So there were tons and tons of speeches, awards given, walk-ins, and a lot of other rubbish stuff. Then Mayday only came out like for an hour cause they were the special guests or something...


Alright, I'm gonna make sushi and strawberry cheesecake tomorrow before going to school for Arts Camp related stuff!!! So exciting... I'm take many many photos to make you drool! (:



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