Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm Waiting For You

Short update!!!

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting......

Waiting for my crops to be ready for harvest at Frontierville!

I recently got hooked onto this game and I made Fatlebbs play it too so that he can send me stuff!!! (:

Yesterday was a long day.

Went to school to learn the mass dance for Arts Camp, then headed over to airport to surprise Vics (MY FRIEND WHO STAYS SUPER NEAR TO ME IS BACK!), sat around with Vics and friends until they left.... Fatlebbs and Kevin and Peiyu and Reo and 2 other Kevin's friends came over to T3 Foodcourt. AND I ATE BAK CHOR MEE! Was craving for it so badly when I sat in front of that stall!!!

Then we dropped Peiyu and her bro off before heading to Kevin's condo (VERY NICE CONDO!!!) and Rong decided to come over. One day and I met most of Fatlebbs' friends. Fast.

Monopolised at Holland V's Coffeebean till almost 4am before Fatlebbs sent me home...

Petrol booms for him. He sent me to school, then to the airport, then everyone home, then to Holland V, then to my house, then to his house.

Very XieXieNi!!!


Today was a great day too. Slacked, tuition, AND TOYS STORY 3 in 3D! (((:

Cute cute show. Nice! (:

My crops are going to be ready for harvest in less than a minute!!! (((:

Alright, today I went into a hotel.......... LIFT with Fatlebbs. hahaha. Nice hotel lift!

Anyway, I'm off to do other stuff... Goodnight all! (:

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