Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm The Cooking Mama!

Yesterday was non-cooking day...

No-bake cheesecake + Sushi = Flabbelicious!

Headed off to Flabs' house at around 1030 and we only realised we didn't get the most important ingredient (CRABSTICK!) when I asked him "did you take out the hotdog and crabstick?"...

And we got whipped cream instead of whipping cream!!! So, he went off to get the ingredients while I prepared the stuff.

Digestives as base!! (:
Then we wanted to manually whip the cream... but after whipping it for very long, there was no effect..
So we had to use the blender.
The ingredients for sushi. We used up everything except for the 2 packets of crabstick! We used less than half of it...
Cooking Papa.

Flabs' sausage sushi.
And my crabstick cucumber sushi! (:

Our end-product!!!

Strawberry Awesome Cheesecake! Loves!!!
On the way to Bugis before going to school.
Then after my filming ended, we went to No Signboard Seafood Restaurant for yummy Chilli Crab, Sambal Kailan and Mantou!!! (:

Broke after whacking at No Signboard so it's lunch and dinner at home today!!!

I've been seeing many nice pairs of heels and wedges and I really really wanted to get them BUT THERE IS ALWAYS NO SIZE FOR ME!!! )))):

I want to get new footwear!!!

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