Monday, June 7, 2010

Here To Blog!

I came to blog cause my photos are accumulating.

Flappy went to Thailand for 5 days so I'll be at home feeling bored till 11 June.

Just came back from Bintan yesterday!!! I did night sentry the night before I came back and it was tiring ttm... I only slept for less than an hour, on the cold and hard basketball court ground in Giap Seng's sleeping bag cause I lent Choa Meng mine. Was really tired after meeting Flappy last night so I slept all the way from 8pm to 1230pm today!!!

Some time ago, Mafia met up (Shirley mia again cause of family lunch or dinner or whatsoever!) and we kept using objects to represent Shirley.

See that black thing near Abigail? That's Shirley and we're all ready to give her some hits.

Arts Camp on 31st May and 1st June! House ICs!!! (:

Dodge Sponge game! I WON I WON I WON! I was the last one against the opposite team...
I dodged like crazyyy!
And I hit the opponent with the sponge and won the game! (:

S HOUSE!!! (:
Zhenyu getting dunked!!!
Then he carried me and threw me into the water!

Arts!!! (:
Very nice Jun Yue made this rather huge board for both Zhenyu and I!!!
Alright, then it was IJC camp from 3-6 June which was so tiring!!! And Songminghan thought my mac died or something cause I was mia-ing for many many days. haha.

Alright, I feel sleepy so I'm gonna hit the sack already!! Goodnight people!!! (:

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