Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crazy Freaky Nightmare!

I had a terrible, horrible nightmare last night!

Dreamt that there was this freaky baby who came to my family... the baby had some special power and she is constantly holding this toy knife in her hands. I forgot the in betweens, but the climax reached when we were all in the lift and there was this daddy carrying a baby in his arms. The baby (who wasn't exactly a baby cause she could walk, but she looks exactly like the baby in Toy Story 3) was unhappy with the baby the daddy was carrying, so she went up to the baby and cut the baby's throat with her toy knife...

Then when we were walking out of the lift, the daddy suddenly realised that the baby that he's carrying has lots of blood on his neck and he's dead!! That's when we realised the baby's toy knife can kill people! So I started running and running up the stairs, I wanted to run home to inform my friend about this freaky baby. When I was running up the stairs, there were 2 policemen running up too. I remembered my house in my dream being on the 9th storey, and on the 7th storey, there was a crazy girl with a real knife so I kept running upwards... The crazy girl was somehow summoned by the baby.

But when I reached the 8th level, that was the end of the block. There wasn't any stairs to get up to the 9th level, all I could do was to turn down and run down the stairs. And when I ran down the stairs, I saw the crazy girl with the knife and she was charging towards me...

That's when she used her knife to cut me and I could literally feel the pain in my arms and the policeman and I fell over the ledge and off the building.

But before I reached the floor, I woke up. I could feel myself dropping off the building at that moment when I woke up!

Freaky dream.
Yesterday was meet up with the Stunners! And we took many stunned shots and stuff. Only Aussie, Ah Cai, Fatlebbs and I were there but we had fun thinking of funny cheers and stuff!

Then it was Appreciation Dinner at night before I came home to harvest my crops!!!

That's all. Goodbye.

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