Monday, June 28, 2010

Arts Camp 2010!

I'm finally here to blog about Arts Camp!!! Awesome Arts Camp! I couldn't prevent myself from screaming when the result was announced. No voice, still scream like mad!!!

Anyway, shall start talking from Day 1!

Opening was embarrassing cause Zhenyu threw the stick too hard so I failed to catch it and it hit the photographer! But nevermind, I bet nobody remembered that after so many days!!
The House ICs slacking while the freshies had their campus tour!
We've got Blue Hair!!! ((:

Day 1 was just Ice-Breakers, Campus Tour, Letter Writing and Speed Dating and Night Games.

Day 2, the freshies had Programme X and they had to go to different places in Singapore. Then it was time for the House ICs to slack again...

So... we slacked at BK for a few hours before going back to sleep in our rooms!

After an hour of nap, it was Rag Programme so we danced... Mass Dance.

Then it was SP, before Night Venture for the freshies.
Day 3, they had Where's Wally... some game they had to go out of school to find Wallies. Then we stayed in school to slack again before heading to Sentosa for Beach Games!

Caterpillar game which we won 1/3 and got 2nd for the other 2 games!
Tug-O-War! S House won 2/4! Overall winner!!! First time in history winning Tug-O-War!!! (:

Screamed like crazy when we won and I think that's why I lost my voice!!!

Day 4! Sports Day, Pre-war games... before War Games!!!

Okayy, this is a photo of both Zhenyu and I crying. I cried cause some other houses people took waterbombs and came in damn close to me and whacked it at me! Freaking painful at that moment. They ran and slammed it in my face at first, then when I covered my face, another came flying at my body! The impact was like crazy so I couldn't stop tearing!!! Then Zhenyu was angry, he threw the damn heavy sword onto the ground and it broke many many things! =/
Photo of us before War Games!
Then it was clubbing after that!

I got high cause I was playing guessing game with one of the ogs, then I kept losing cause Ervin kept winning! So I kept drinking and sort of couldn't balance properly. But I was fine after a while, just became damn high luh!

Last day... thank you speech (can find on facebook!) and announcement of results!!! (((:

Arts Camp ended!!! Too tired to blog about everything in detail... so it's pretty summarised! Overall, it was a great camp!!! (((:

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