Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why ):?

Woke up with a nightmare A.G.A.I.N.

I have super many nightmares these days it's scaring me. Seems like something bad's gonna happen or something, I always wake up crying or tearing.

I dreamt that there was a hurricane in Singapore (crazy I know) and my whole family was trying to avoid the hurricane. So we were around Bishan (no idea why!) and we were moving around to avoid the hurricane that was moving nearer and nearer to us. The hurricane is terrible, I saw the whole block of HDB flats being sucked up and it can even burn trees! Like start a fire on trees for some reason. And I know I kept following my family, running around to find some safe spot to hide. The last part was when I was about to take out my phone to message flabs to bid goodbye, that's when my alarm rang and I woke up.

Hate those nightmares I'm having, they always make me feel very moody.

Headed to school for UC meeting and then it was Coffeebean with Chock, Ian and Flabs.

Then I mahjonged the moment I reached home and I won $22! (:

Only realised after mahjong that I only had 4 mouthful of rice plus a little veggie and 1 small chicken wing for lunch, and double choc ice blended at coffeebean for the entire day.

I'm becoming a deity.

And I just finished watching Dear John which made me cried truck loads at strange parts. I cried when he was shot cause I thought he was dying, but he didn't. Then I cried when the father tried to force himself to go meet Savanah's parents but he failed.. I felt so sad for the dad. Then when the dad was dying, I cried for 10 minutes straight. And some random small parts which I have no idea why my tears just dropped.

I think my crying point's really low. I just can't take it when those old people in shows pass away (like the Hong Shifu in Ip Man 2).

Crying always makes me feel tired so I guess I'm gonna head to bed already. Feel so drained of energy... There's work on Monday in the morning and in the afternoon, Royalties gonna kbox! (:

Holidays are awesome! (:

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