Saturday, May 15, 2010


Shopped like mad for the past few days.

Ate like mad for the past few days.

Happy like mad for the past few days.

I think my bank account's dying, money's depleting. I probably spent more than $300 on shopping within a week! =/

No idea, but I just kept whacking!!!

I'm sleepy now! Had xlb buffet with Royalties just now! Aaron, Andrew, Annie, Eunice, Evan (Eun's friend), Sasa, Xiaoken and I! Awesome time spent with them!!! (:

Photos of ups food taken yesterday! This is beef hot pot which is ups ups! Nice nice! (: This is at a Jap Restaurant at Wheelock.
This is even more ups than the previous one. Beef and Foie Gras! Awesomeness and it's my first time trying foie gras and I was trying to think about food that it tastes like, but I couldn't think of any. Yummy (:
Then it's xlb buffet today!!! Lots of food, I ate a crazy amount of xlb which made me very happy. And such a coincidence, Ah cai went there with her class too, but she went for the earlier slot! (:
Very nice Mummy Eunice peeled the prawns for us!!! (:
Aaron and Andrew and Xiaoken kept spamming beef.
Aaron's creation of bak chor mee made from udon, seaweed, fishball, beef and vegetables. He was trying to fish out the udon from the soup and he deliberately made the beef look like a rose. lol.
Then he decided to put more veggies and make it into some lotus leaf stuff. But he didn't eat his creation in the end.
Random photo of the dessert.

I'm tired and I wanna go to bed already! Bro bought a laptop (finally!) so he won't be using mine anymore! HAPPINESS! (:

There's UC meeting tomorrow! So goodnight all, thank you Xiaoken for sending us home! (:

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