Thursday, May 13, 2010

Photos I Like, Thus I'm Here!

It was one week ago since I blogged! Time flies ehh, I don't remember me not blogging for a week!

I can't remember what happened for those days that passed. But on a random day, we decided to go surprise Austen for his birthday! Oh, we went to meet Dave before he left and I met up with my secondary classmates too. And I emo-ed for one night like crazyy, I was so sad I cried for nothing A.G.A.I.N.

But everything's well. I'm still happy as can be.

I need to meet Sharon at 11am, I shouldn't be posting a long post because I need to sleep!

So I shall just post photos!!! (:

Nice cake (:
Ah cai... Oh I just remembered what I did for Monday and Tuesday! I had rollerblading lessons to prepare myself to be a rollerblading facilitator!!! Muscles are still aching till now! =/
When we were celebrating Austen's birthday, this one tourist came up to us and asked if he could take a photo of us.. and before we knew it, many of them came to join in the photo!
Aussie's birthday in advance celebration because he's not in Singapore already!

Mr. very obvious Goggle Eyes!

Before we went to surprise Aussie, we went to get the cake... and we found this slim ttm mirror!!!

And flowers in the toilet that Ah Cai said I should take a photo with!

Alright, short and photoful post!!!

Goodnight all! (:

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