Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Long Time No Me!

I'm finally here to blog!!! I'm finally here! Let's see.. the whole week seems to zoom fast so quickly.

After my exams on 3rd, I came home! I came home after exams, I came home ehh! I came home to eat homecooked dinner instead of watching movie with Seb, Daniu, Austen and Dave. The 4 of them went to watch Ip Man 2 while I was home "cooking with mama"! Flabby knew that I'll be bored after exams, so he lent me his ds to play Cooking Mama. lol. Okayy, such a little girl game, but it's awesome! (: Then I was out with Chock at night. I'm glad everything's over! (:

Tuesday was tuition and at night, Ah Cai, Chock and I went to Cine, intending to catch Iron Man 2. And in the end, the lady gave us the wrong tickets AND WE DIDN'T EVEN REALISE IT UNTIL WE REACHED THE CINEMA WHEN THE SHOW STARTED! How blur.. So we watched Ip Man 2 instead of Iron Man 2. Awesome show though! When the Hong Shifu died, I cried like crazy and Ah Cai kept laughing at me! @.@

Wednesday, impromptu Island Creamery and Iron Man 2 with Flabs and his chem engine friends. On a random note, Iron Man's Chock's childhood hero... haha.

Thursday, Dave's farewell lunch! He's in London already!!! So excitingg!!! (: Monopolised at Bk with the rest before heading for tuition. Shared a plate of rojak, yoghurt and a bowl of red ruby with Flabs and I was so full, I felt like puking when I was on the way home! Something's wrong with my stomach, it seems to be able to contact less food. Really much much much less. I weighed myself (after very long of not knowing my weight!), and realised I lost 3-4kg!! =/ Couldn't eat much nowadays, my stomach's shrinking!!!

Today was Sharon's place for guitar hero, so excitingg!!! Buffet at Lao Beijing. Ate quite a few chicken wings at Sharon's place so I didn't eat much during Buffet too.. told you my stomach's shrinking and I don't like it! ):

That's all for my whole week. I know, boring post to tell you about my life... but hey hey, at least I'm blogging right! (:

Okayy, I shall just spam photos from my phone. My awesome 8.1 megapixel camera phone (:

This was when xclusive met up. We're supposed to meet again soon to go to Ek's house right???
Poor flowers...
And a random bear from Mustafa. haha. Jumpsuit bear!!
There were 50 light sticks on my hand!!! Chock bought 50 light sticks so I kept taking photos with them cause they look so pretty!!!

Ip Man 2! FEI MAO FEI MAO!!! hehehe. I love Fei Mao!
Ah Cai wanted to take a photo with this, so I took one too.
Sharon and I were at Popular and then I took out a book and I think I was too tired or something, the first thing I saw and read out was "Zero Level".. So I was thinking to myself so that must be the most basic level, then slowly it will be Level 1, Level 2 etc... I totally didn't realise how dumb I was until she said, "O level?"
They should have included a ' in between O and Level like O' level or something... Or the 'O' is just too round, it looks totally like a Zero. haha. Okayy whatever, dumb moment...

I'm sleepy I think I should go to sleep. Tuition tomorrow before class outing!

I always wanted to blog about small random stuff when I'm bathing, but the moment I stepped out of the bathroom, the thought always seem to miraculously disappear. It's like magic.



Something wrong with me.

Sleepy. Sleepy. Sleepy.

Goodnight I don't have the feel to blog nowadays. So, sorry for the lack of updates!!! But please still blog so that I can read them! (:

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Anonymous said...

hey, you O level incident tickled me. and i like the picture of you posing in front of the board. YOu look like a celebrity :)vic