Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fulfilling The Role Of A Supporter!

I'm not in lalaland. I'm giving mental and moral support to FlappyCalebSumTingWong now at home in front of my laptop! Not that he knows I'm supporting him morally, but yeah, he will know after he reads my blog! (:

Flappy's running Sundown 42km now! 42km is like insanity but I believe with his determination (I hope there is sufficient to last) and the many many secret weapons he has, he will make it to the end! (:

I decided to come and blog cause I realised I've something I wanna talk about... but the thing is, no one other than someone knows about it. So I came here to blog, to talk about some general stuff which in fact contains something specific that is meant to be a secret. Confusing huh...

Alright, but before that whole chunk of stuff I'm gonna type, I shall post PHOTOS! (:

One random day probably last week, Flappy and I ate at Xin Wang for super late dinner at 10pm!!

Flappy's Mee Sua with luncheon meat and egg.
My Eel porridge (:
Then another random day this week, we went to Dempsey's Ben & Jerrys.
Then another random day, I went to meet Sharon for shopping... and Flappy came to join us later on for Haagen Daz and to send me to meeting! (:

Some Berry Cool milkshake...
3 scoops of icecream and a brownie, plus the drink on top cost us $36...
My nice and clean shoes before the mountain climbing at Bintan.
Nice sunset (:
Then just last night, we went over to Engkwan's house to have a stayover. Wii-ed the entire night before going for supper at around 12 plus 1? Then we came back, bathed and started playing Bang... only slept at around 6am and we actually woke up at 8 plus...

Concentration game... Concentration Concentration, this is the game of Concentration.

We started with a proper group photo.
Then idiotic Songminghan had to tickle me.
And then we tickled Waikit all together! (:
Some funny game. haha.
Alright, stayover was awesome! (:

I suddenly feel that it's really hard to write down what I intended to write initially.. But well, just last night, Mel and I were talking and we concluded that there are many differences between guys and girls. Girls tend to think more logically in comparison to guys. Girls try to predict problems they may face in future, while the guys always use the phrase, "Can we not think about this?"...

No one knows what may happen in future, there is no certain and definite path that things might go or end up... Promises? Are they meant to be broken?

I'm not feeling emo or sad, I'm in a neutral mood talking.

Girls do what they like or want to do. They tell you this, but they meant the other. They say it's okayy, but no, it's not okayy at all. They tell you they're fine even if their blood is boiling or they're crying their hearts out. They don't like it when you make all the decisions, but they hate it more when you don't even have your own opinions. They have mood swings as and when they like. They get annoyed at the slightest thing possible. They get jealous really easily. They dislike it when you keep talking about another girl (especially when it's your ex-crush or lover or girlfriend, they will roll their eyes and want to take out a knife to stab you!). They will kill if they realised you are keeping things from them. They put your messages aside when they're unhappy with some stuff you said or did. They feel unhappy when you reply with some one word or one sentence sms because it's like you don't care much. They don't like you to think too much, but they feel annoyed when you don't think. They may not put you in first priority but they expect that from you.

Girls are just girls.

-did some arts camp stuff and my chain of thoughts got lost-

Alright, so ending my post,
31st-1st June : Arts Camp Pre-camp
3rd-6th June: Bintan

It will be a busy week.

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