Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

I had a really strange dream a few days ago but I forgot to blog about it.

My dream was about me cheating on Flabs (So ?#&@#($! right!) and the worst thing was, I didn't have an affair with another guy but with another GIRL! G.I.R.L, a girl. And it was this random girl whose blog I read!

It started with me kissing that girl or something (YUCKS!) and I knew that I was cheating on Flabs but I did it anyway. Then after a while, she wanted to proceed further but I was scared so I stopped her and walked out of the room AND I SAW MY AUNT AND MY MOTHER IN THE KITCHEN!?!?! But they weren't angry or whatsoever, instead they asked me if I wanted to eat chicken rice or something (LOL!)... then I was thinking hard of whether I should just end this affair with this girl and keep quiet about how I cheated, or tell the truth and let Flabs know that I cheated on him. But anyway, I decided to end this affair with her (I don't know which conclusion I came to though). So I walked into the room and I told her a reason that popped into my head at that moment, "I think we're not suitable for each other! You're too experienced and I'm really feeling pressurized by you!"

And her reply to my reason was, "Do you know I took very long to convince myself to accept you? (Girl Girl relationship)... And if I make a call to my friend, he can break your leg anytime!"

Then, my dream ended. But at that time, she was trying to seduce me or something, she wasn't wearing her shirt in the dream... but I didn't even feel anything for her.

Okayy, there's my weird dream. The minute I woke up from the dream, I messaged Flabs to tell him this ridiculous 'nightmare' that I had!!!

Nightmares aside, holidays are great so far. Yesterday was rollerblading in the morning, k with the Royalties in the afternoon, and Flabs at night. Today was spent tuitioning and Flabbing!

Typing the word "Flabs" makes me hungry! @.@

I should go to bed cause I'm feeling hungryyy...

Goodnight people.

And on a side note, I'm not playing Treasure Madness anymore.. If you see facebook popping stuff from there, it's Sharon playing my account!

Okayy, nights all! (:

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