Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back From Bintan With A Souvenir!

Hello, I'm blogging I'm blogging okayy!!!

I'm back from Bintan. Camp was pretty awesome (apart from the fact that I slipped and fell and there are arms scratches on my arm and palm).. Now I can't put my right arm down when I type and it's making my right arm very very tired. And I can't rest my palm too cause there's a cut there too!

Plus, the way I fell was so embarrassing! I was just telling my students to be careful cos the ground was slippery and stuff... and the next moment, right after I finished that statement, I slipped and fell and scratched my arm on a rock! ): Skin gone and the wound started bleeding. Then this junior teacher who said he was a certified teacher nurse had to bandage it up for me. Painful...

Alright, I feel so seh I wanna sleep.
My students are awesome... Alright, I think I'm going to bed.. it's 0906pm.

Goodnight. I blogged I blogged I blogged.

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