Sunday, April 11, 2010

My New Media Experience!

Hello people, I'm setting up an tumblr account for my new media experience (it's for my nm assignment).. so please follow me if you have a tumblr account please please please and comment on my posts or something..

Okayy, I said I'll blog soon but I simply can't find the time to.. =/

NM Assignment is due on tuesday and I haven't started on it. I'm in school now trying to do it... I HATE PROJECTS!!! Can't wait till 3 May when my exams end, I'll be so free please ask me out! (((:

Friday was supposedly mugging session at Sharon's aunt's place with Lebby, Aussie and Sharon but we ended up watching "How I met your mother" and I fell asleep after that when we were supposed to start studying..

Woke up and we headed over to Sharon's house for dinner (yummy dinner!) before Frolicking.

Ahh, I'm supposed to be doing my nm.. =////

Byebye!!! (:

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