Saturday, April 17, 2010

Miss Me?

Friday. Friday. Friday.

26th is my first paper (terribleness). I totally feel like digging a hole and jumping into it. No worries, I won't feel like jumping off the building. I always feel like jumping into the hole rather than off the building. So don't worry, I won't commit suicide.

Dinner with IJ juniors was awesome ttm. Last dinner before Joo Heng leaves. There were like so so so so many of us at Botak Jones. We took like like many many long tables. I think there were at least... at least 30 people there.

I have no idea why I kept repeating and repeating my words. My eyes are uber tired I think I'm gonna crash soon. My mood was on and off today for some reason. Happy, irritated, overjoyed, excited, sad and it's staying at sad.

Don't ask me why I'm sad. Nothing. Just sad.

What's wrong with me? I know it's just something wrong. Perhaps I need to sleep.

I totally don't have the mood to blog recently because blogging is like blogging. I only feel like blogging when I feel like blogging about happy things. When I'm sad like now, I feel like this post will be filled with sadness and those people who read it will feel sad.

It's like evil to make people sad.

So, if you're affected, just stop reading.

I'm typing like many many many words. Just many words.

I remembered why I came to blog. Thanks Songminghan and Waikit for the very useful Fevo card. Mastercard, Ez-link card, ERP card, what else? It just seems really useful.

What's more there's a photo of us on the card.

Bingbiangahh... my big face.

Hello, long time no see.

I want exams to end soon so I can start being a rollerblading coach. Yes! Chenglong's gonna teach me how to rollerblade and I'm gonna be a rollerblading coach after that! Coach you know... come look for me if you wanna learn rollerblading. I will try to be as patient as possible. I hope I won't start getting irritated and start screaming at you!

Okayy, I think I won't. I'll earn more money if you take a longer time to learn isn't it? So it will be awesome.

But for now, I'm still a noob at rollerblading and I think I will look like an idiot tomorrow for Booza Sports Day - Rollerblading.

This is the result of blogging when my mind isn't completely sane. It's half asleep and the other half's just trying to keep me awake.

Alright, shall just head to bed with my wet hair and have bingbiangahh hair tomorrow.

We were given:
two hands to hold
two legs to walk
two eyes to see
two ears to listen
but why only one heart?
because the other was given to someone else for us to find

I wonder how long it will last.Will the second be the same as the first, and will the third be the same as the second?

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