Monday, April 26, 2010


It's exam period now... but I've been missing for so long, I should upload the photos! (:

It's mkt paper today. Didn't finish 10 marks of my paper (first time in my life I left blank cause of lack of time!!). But surprisingly I wasn't that sad. No idea why, I probably just gave up hope on that.

That means I've 3 more papers remaining and that's awesome! After exams will be eating, eating and more eating, playing, playing and more playing, outing, outing and more outing, gathering, gathering and more gathering. Yeah, skating, skating and more skating, camping, camping and more camping too! (:

What a great life I would be having after 3rd May! (:

Actually, I'm having a great life now too! (:

So many smileys, no idea why I'm feeling so happy! (:

Some day we had Booza sports day! Photos are out!! (:
So girlish the two of them!
I'm a pro I'm a pro (living in self-denial).

And we celebrated Aaron's birthday at Tao's restaurant! (:

You know I want chia ;)! Done by very artistic Andrew! Single and available. haha.
Royalties! (:
Smoked Salmon salad.
Rose apple tea.
Creme Brulee.
And mango passion fruit cake from Eun's daddy's shop.
Totally boomz after that!!!

Then another random day, Lebbs and I went to Donut Factory and boomz.
Then another day again, it was tiong bahru market.

And there was chee gui (I don't know how to spell it!) but I forgot to take a photo of them!

Then more random photos!

Yeah, the ben tan flabby.
And more ben tan Flabby! =p

Gonna bathe before mugging with flabby.

I'll be back after exams! (:

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