Friday, April 2, 2010

It's A Love Story, Baby Just Say Yes

My week zoomed past and it's like Friday already. Friday 0310am and I'm here blogging at 0310am when I'm supposed to be sleeping, there's project group meeting tomorrow in school. It's Good Friday tomorrow by the way. Sadness. I'll be emo thanks to lack of sleep.

Wednesday was a bad day. Remember the incident in J1 when Sharon wanted to aim the shuttle at Honghu but ended up hitting me and my tears started rolling and I couldn't stop I just kept crying? Something like that happened to me on Wednesday.

I was super tired after that I came home.

Today was fun though. Xiaoken's birthday chalet.


Can you read the previous sentence?

Yups, thanks flabbs (:

The main reason why I'm awake is because 3am is scary time and I'm afraid to go brush my teeth at that time so I decided to come and blog instead.

I'm feeling super tired... photos photos.

"Andrew, you closed your eyes!"
Then he thought I asked him to close his eyes, so I took another photo with him closing his eyes.

Royalties + Joshua

HAPPY BIRTHDAY XIAOKEN (although it's 31st March)!!!!!


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