Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm Weird.

I've been having mixed feelings the entire day.

Nope, obviously not a happy day today.

Anyway, I'm just here to blog so that I don't accumulate photos.

Being very bored of doing my project, I decided to go onto skype just for fun. AND I ENDED UP TALKING TO VICS!! ((:

I was telling her it's very dark over there and I can't see her properly (the screenshot looks fine though I don't know why).
So she took the light and shone it on herself. haha. So cute.
(((: I'm glad at least when I was feeling @^$%@#&! just now, there was her to entertain me and hear me out! (: THANKS VICS!
Then it was Songminghan's birthday celebration and we couldn't decide on where to eat, so Waikit said we'll just go to the third shop... and we went to some Jap restaurant I didn't bother to remember the name.

Rongquan's small cards!

Spastic Songminghan.
Then it was group photo time and Songminghan suddenly came like super close to me I felt so uneasy.. hahaha. Okayy, there wasn't enough space so he had to squeeze..
Rongquan trying to do my hamburger face..
Meow's very un-hamburger face.
When I saw the photo, I was telling them "I look like I'm in paradise!" and they started laughing I don't know why.
We sat down to talk at Orchard Central and it was great just talking! (:

Alright, this coming week is the crazy week of submissions. I haven't started on my mkt assignment. Wahaha. I'm gone.


Feel like complaining but I think everyone will feel like punching me because they have a lot of stuff to do too. So I'll just swallow my complains and hope they get digested in my stomach instead.

It's sad when I've only my blog to rant to ): YUCKS YUCKS YUCKS! Boohooboohooboohoo.

But no worries, I'm not that sad to the extent that I'll start crying.

Byebye. I should head back to my project or go to bed.

Tomorrow will be a better day, I know it will be.

where are you where are you where are you?

ignore me ignore me ignore me.

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