Sunday, March 14, 2010

When Helmet Meets Goggles!

Helmet + Goggles = Superhero!

Batman... deng deng deng deng deng deng deng deng... Batman...

Right, let's be normal.

Yesterday's captain ball turned me a shade darker and I have the tee-shirt tan now!!! Derrick turned like 3-4 shades darker after 2 hours.. so I suggested he put sunblock onto his face before he became like charcoal. So he squeezed like a lot (and really a lot) of sunblock onto his hand and he spammed all of it on his face. He instantly became white (literally)!!! Then the others started saying that I tricked him into doing that which I obviously didn't..

Met flabs, daniu and colby to mug... I think I only read like a few pages of my book before we decided to leave. Flabs and I went over to Timbre to look for Aussie and friends since we were at SMU. And I realised it's the first time I took a photo last night after changing my parting!!

While the photo was taken, I was thinking in my mind which side should I face! "Should I continue taking the photo with my right side?", "Should I just face the front?", or "Should I turn to the left side where my fringe is now"... But before I arrived at the best answer, the photo was taken!

And I think I looked straight... And Che Kiat and Yamyam are like so fair, I look dark beside them. Aussie looked drunk and he kept talking non-stop. haha.

And colby colby, I'm not doing PR for you today but go go go, fight for your rights!!! Intellectual Property Rights (haha, this is rubbish).. but yeah, if you need me to fight the war with you, just tell me! Even though we fought against one another before, I can collaborate with you to fight against unfair treatment!!! We will win the war..

"Heyyyy... Wo Men Yao Qu Da Zhang Liao Eh, Yao Qu Da Zhang!"

haha. That's the S House Cheer! (:

It's raining really heavily now!! O.o

It's 5 more days to my birthday! And I've many many March babies friends!!! There are six 14 March babies alone!


I like birthdays. Happy Happy (:

Badminton later! I'll blog soon!

Can't wait for Wed to meet up with 7eva (((:

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