Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Standard Sara Lee Cheesecake!

For my birthday this year, I had 2 Sara Lee Cheesecakes. I like it, I do. I'm not complaining! (:

The photos from the barbeque at Annie's house are finally half up. The ones from Eun's camera are still somewhere in her camera.. but those from Sasa's are up on facebook! (:

Eun's camera ran out of batt so for the later part, we used Sasa's half zai camera! (:

The modified Sara Lee Cheesecake with lots of strawberries! ((:
This photo is like this because there was something wrong with Sasa's camera..
Strawberries!!! (:
19th and 21st March babies! (:

The pink bear has glow in the dark stars on its ears!

Annie and Sasa and I was at the back doing I don't know what.. haha.
(((: Love the Royalties!!!
Then Aaron tried to make the pink bear into a dog?!?!
And he insisted that this looks like a dog...
And he kept trying to make the bear look like a dog!

Today was a boring Monday as usual, except that it's beloved Lennard Mummy's birthday!! (:

After school, Aussie and I went over to Vivo to buy his cake and printed photos! Then we rushed back to surprise him at Science... The rest had lecture till 6 so there were only the two of us...

And there wasn't any lighter so he blew the candles without any flame..
Then he got bored waiting for the rest to come to 'surprise' him..
Then after the rest came, we sang him a birthday song and he blew the candles again...
And then again because we said he didn't make a wish before that..
Group photo (:
Studying over at Computing after dinner...

Aussie the old man. lol.

Alright, my short and sweet post.

The past few days were emo days. In fact, today was an emo day until I became happier at night. Yups, I shant think about the unhappy stuff.

Perhaps I'm just too dumb to think that way.



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