Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Specially For Chloe!

I'm at AS1 Walkway doing Arts Camp Recruitment for OGLs and Councillors now but I decided to blog because Chloe is bored and she wants to read my blog. I'm sorry for the lack of update but I feel like I have nothing to blog about!!

I feel sleepy.

I woke up with a crazy nightmare today!

I dreamt that I was a transvestite (super wth!) and I just finished swimming and I wanted to bathe. The gents and the females were both in the same toilet and being a trans, I chose to go into the bathroom that has a male sign on it. But after 20 seconds, I decided to move to the female bathroom instead. So I started bathing and all of a sudden, the backdoor (there were 2 doors to my very small bathroom) opened and there were 2 other trans there trying to molest me! I FREAKED OUT LIKE CRAZY LUH!!! I was struggling to escape but the two of them were just too strong for me! AND THEN THEY REALISED I WAS A TRANS AFTER THEY MOLESTED ME!!! And I took all my stuff and ran away in horror! Then I don't know why littlefats was in my dream. I dreamt that once I ran out, I was beside him and I was really scared that he will realise that I'm trans.

Okayy, I think my dream is ridiculous and I'm not trans. I woke up really worried and I started wondering if my mum went to change my sex and made me a girl when I was young...

Yeah, but I doubt so because I feel like a girl.

Okayy, end of my nightmare...
I had Fish and Co for dinner on Sunday! It was really random, we just decided to walk in... So for the next few days, it was budget budget budget! (:

My timetable's awesome this week. I had school from 12-2pm on Monday, 10-7pm with 3 hours break on Tuesday and no school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. How slack can I get???

I've been budgeting quite well these few days. Lunch and dinner in school. Money saving mood! (: It was a long day yesterday but I wore happy clothes and happy clothes make me happy. Starbucks made my day too (:

Alright, I really feel like I got nothing else to blog about.. Till the next time I blog.. bye (:

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