Monday, March 15, 2010

Oops I Did It Again!

I'm supposed to be doing my tutorial but unknowingly, I switched on my laptop... unknowingly I went to dig for treasure... and unknowingly, I came to blog.

So many unknowinglys. I knowingly did the unknowinglys.

Alright, I came to blog because I finally saw the crazy wooden maze that Ah Tang was saying about. It's like almost impossible to get the ball into the hole.. I managed to screenshot this because I gave up trying cause the ball kept dropping into the thousand million holes there!


Alright alright, I wanted to blog about littlefattyfatfat too! Littlefattyfatfat wore happy yellow fizzy tee which is oh so nice!!! (: Although I very much prefer his normal self, he always make me laugh so much when he goes crazy (which is very very often!). He will turn into his retarded self once there's no one around.. I hope one day someone will see him doing his "move side to side" dance! haha. Okayy, littlefattygogglefats, thanks for always being there for me and I hope Ariel's still fine after all my punches!!! (:

Time for tutorial!

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