Friday, March 26, 2010

One Litre Of Water

I was having terrible hiccups just now and I kept drowning myself with water. I kept drinking water but the hiccups refused to go away!!! I think I drank like almost 2/3 of a bottle of water!!! I'm having the giddy feel now cause I think I drank too much water at a shot! ):

My eyelids are heavy but I decided to blog because my hiccups made me feel like blogging. I can't believe I drank so much water!! @.@

Anyway, Tuesday was home early day. Wednesday was home early day too. Thursday is today. No home early day. Today's talk about curry day.

Tomorrow's gonna be mugging day in school. I MUST START ON MY HUMOUR PROJECT!!! I MUST I MUST I MUST!!!

Eyes are tired. Ahh, I want to sleep already!

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