Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Awesome Prizes!!!

Beach Fiesta was crazily tiring... and you know what, I only played half a match of Captain's Ball and I felt like I was going to have some asthma attack and faint at Sentosa. I can't believe it, my stamina's level's almost zero...

During that half a match of Captain's Ball, I kept rolling on the sand cause this girl kept snatching the ball with me. So I was down on the sand probably around 3 or 4 times and why is captain's ball so tiring!?!?!?!

Anyway, beach pageant wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I didn't get owned because looks isn't all that matters!!! Enthusiasm plays a part! (:

And I got lots of awesome prizes.. like really awesome prizes.

I got 2 x $100 Everlast vouchers (yes, I'll be nice and share with Booza!), Elseve Shampoo (just nice my shampoo ran out!), Intensive Shine Mask (hair conditioner), Hydrafresh Spa-Water Mask, Ultimate Sunshield, Icy Toner, Blush, Super Liner and Mascara ALL FROM L'OREAL!!!


What made me happiest was the super liner and mascara.. Perhaps I'll be unlazy and use them everyday cause they're plain awesome!! (:

I think you'll soon see smooth hair me with nice complexion (spam the sunshield and toner and moisturizer) with nice long eyelashes and bigger eyes (with the cosmetics).

So exciting!!! (:

Tomorrow's day out with xclusive to Henderson Waves for picnic and I haven't gotten any food. It means I gotta wake up early to get food from ntuc to bring tomorrow!!!

And these two days gonna be slack days ttm! I have tons and tons of projects (I think all of you know) but I haven't started on any. Am I GG or am I GG? No I'm not Gossip Girl. I'm Good Game.

Looking at my prizes makes me crazily happy.

Okayy, this is a note to flabbyfattyfatfat...


No more 'supposedly meet up to study but we end up doing a thousand million other things except studying' sessions! We're gonna have 'MEET UP TO STUDY MEANS MEET UP TO STUDY' sessions. I need to start on my projects. My projects, my projects, my projects.

I don't know why every time flabbyfattyfatfat and I meet up to study, we always end up doing other stuff like digging treasure, looking at me dig treasure, transferring songs, stalking people and I don't know what else there is but there are many other distractions.


Yeah yeah, L'oreal's super liner and mascura.. I want nice nice eyes and nice nice hair and nice nice complexion... So exciting, nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, so exciting!!!

And in the car on the way to Marina, Sharon dared Ah Cai and I to keep singing the "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom" song all the way from Vivo to there and we really did it. I think flabbyfattyfatfat wanted to tape our mouths up... but it was so funny we (three of us other than flabby) kept laughing! ((:

AND AND AND now Ah Cai has a new name "Jombie"!!! She was walking like a zombie and since she likes J very very much, Sharon came up with the name Jombie!!! How nice. And she kept doing the dramatic chipmunk action in the train! Sharon and I took turns to call her name and she kept doing the dramatic chipmunk action and we kept laughing non-stop!

Then Sharon decided to call me Efru (if you say it fast enough, it becomes really vulgar!) because it means Everlast First Runner Up and she insists that the name is awesome when it's like so random.

Yups. That's all I should go to bed because because because I have to wake up early tomorrow!

Actually, actually, actually.. actually I'm very high now because the prizes are like awesomely awesome. No, it's isn't Awesome Austen.. it's awesome prizes!


And I just remembered I'm supposed to promote Andrew on my blog about him being a very very talented and artistic and friendly and cute and (I ran out of Vocab but I'm sure you can think of the other awesome vocabs yourself) HOUSE HUSBAND!!! He marinated the chicken and the prawns and he did the cooking on the bbq day at Annie's house!!!

Most importantly, he's single and available. Please message me if you're interested in this awesome guy!!! I'll be glad to introduce the two of you to make the world a more lovely place! (:

Picture of him will be up another day because I want to sleep!!!

Hee. Such a happy night. Hee.

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