Saturday, March 20, 2010


YAY! MY BIRTHDAY IS OVER!!! (((: I have a whole long list of people to thank here. Please be patient! Thank you very much! (:

Let me start with those people who sent me sms-es! (:


Chock, Ah Cai, Weiyiang, Chloe, Songminghan, Derek, Josiah Jeremy, Waikit, Yiqian, Lebbs, Sasa, Sebby, Ah Wee, Diana, Kaka, Ah Tang, Pat, Shirley, Weiyuan, Abigail, Yihuai, Annie, Artons, Albert, Andrew, Joycee, Yu Tong, Taiwan Jeff, Breadie, Eun, Desmond, Huzi, Ahli, Pengyi, Aaron and Guohao!!! (((:

And THANKS to those who wished me on Facebook:

Andy, Vics, Chloe, Seb Ho, Liyana, Bimb, Hasan, Mel Chua, Derrick, Poser, Wen Hao, Shawn Low, Rederick, Aussie, Ah Wee, Icecreamwaffle, Carmelita, Chao Kiat, Gabrielle Chan, Kang De, Sam Tan, Joy, Jeff, Darshini, Karen, Lynette Seah, Zhenyu, Cel, Lennard, Daniel L, Meowie, Colby, Marcus Pang, Elvina, Mereith, Winston, Cepheus, Renjie, Joanna Koh, Joel Teng, Weishan, Hui Ting, Charmaine, Andre, Raj, John Fan, Zhu Xiaolong, Ah Mui, Cindy, Jeanette, Weiyiang, Lindsey, Lee Xian, Benny, David Siow, Chaice, Chock, Charmaine Low, Yu Tong, Chuan Chye, Juliana, Hui Qing, Joyce Ngoh, Weixin, Jason Soh, Ernest, Sze Kiat, Zhiyi, Saras, Annabella, Jiayu, Khai Che, Songminghan, Tiana, Kenneth Yau, Xiaowei, Bryan Lim, Yingxiu, Audrey Chong, Cheryl Lai, Kiayong, Elvan, Eng Ping, Joson, Hadirah, Andrea, Cheryl Tan, Jia Ying, Annie, Natalie, Samm Tay, Hui Ying, Peiyu, Kai Yang, Shanly, Yiwen, Suzanne, Gerald, Littlefattyfatfat, Victor, Brent, Nirasha.

And also THANKS to those who wished me on twitter:

Jerline, Bimb, Annie.

And last by not least, THANKS to Xavier Tong who called me to wish me, hoping to be the last but sad to say, as usual, Mr Woody was the last to wish me at 1158pm while Chloe was the most on time one, she wished me exactly at 12am on facebook! (:

So many people. THANK YOU THANK YOU! (:

Now photos from last night when Booza surprised me! Aussie, Ah Cai and Lebbs said we were going to Vivo for dinner and there we go... then Booza surprised me there! LOVE THEM LOTS! THANKS FOR THE SURPRISE!!! (((: They had to come up with lots of lies and I sort of guessed it cause of littlefattyfatfat who can't lie for nuts!

Ah Cai (:
Our jump shot at harbourfront centre.
The dumb-looking Ah Cai! haha.
(: Hamburger face.

My present was spongebob with googles and helmet!!! hahaha. Super cute luh they..
Yes, and we had many shots looking retarded like that...

Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake!! (:
Group Photo! Awww.. love them love them! (:

The lovely decorations!!!

Nicest Jumpshot!!! (:

"Angle your legs, angle your legs will look skinnier!"

Ah Cai snapped this! My long leg. HAHA!
Love the pink balloons!!! (:

And thanks Christel for the present! Christel's my student!! (:
And 7eva for the accessories! (:
AND THE MOST AWESOME PRESENT OF THE CENTURY CAME FROM LITTLEFATTYFATFAT!!! Awesome Pink Phone!!!!! (((: No more hanging hanging phone BECAUSE I HAVE AN AWESOME PINK PHONE NOW!!! Poor Littlefattyfatfat gotta stick with his boring black phone now!! BUT THANK YOU FLABS, I WILL TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY NEW AWESOME PINK PHONE!!! (((:

And not to forget, thanks Annie for the super cute Domo card!!! (:

Littlefattyfatfat treated me to dinner at Kuishin Bo which is a Jap restaurant at Suntec. Buffet style and the two of us nearly exploded after all the food. Tempura, Cold noodles, Sashimi, Cold Crab, Crayfish, Mussels, Random broccoli, teppanyaki, lots of desserts, lots of cakes, lots of desserts, more cakes, fruits, chocolate fountain, ice cream, more cold crab.


And when the bill came, BOOMZ!!!

Thankyoulittlefattyfatfatforthedinnertreat! (:

Awesome Day!!!

My eyes are closing! It's 0306am! :O:O:O

I'm feeling really tired.


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