Saturday, March 6, 2010


hi im back again! i think the weather is like super hot these days and my bangs have made it unbearable to walk around cos it keeps sticking to my forehead and i really feel like a helmethead haha (:( <--thats a sad face with a helmet on top HAHAAAAAA! omg im really damn random and retarded.

and i think there's something seriously wrong with my appetite and my stomach. i keep feeling hunger hitting me fast and furiously and i dont feel hungry at mealtimes! whyyyy! am i pregnant?? OH NOSSSSS! i should go for a tummyscan hahahaha! i really love to have little cute fat chubby white babies but then again i wouldnt like wearing maternity dresses. or pregnant clothes. hmm come to think of it, it might not be so bad after all! they are really nice and comfy and airy!

met sharon for my long-awaited kfc today! finally used the coupons (or kor-poons as austen calls it) which have been tempting me since the cows come home! okay yeah i think ive been tempting everyone i show the coupons to. haha! but reminds me of the time i had a week of non stop kfc with sharon last time! yayyy 2pc chicken with cheese fries really made me (:

liling soo cute i msged her to meet me at 120 but she thought 12.00pm! sorry for making you wait under the hot sun! went to sch together with her and shunli to meet this marketing cell guy. then checked her results from my lappy. love you girl! met lebbs and piupiu at the deck but didnt get to play monopoly deal. hahah i was soo hoping to sly deal some people today! lebbs gave the 2 of them a lift to the cathay. and they were amused by tofu and camel haha!

went specs hunting but didnt find any suitable ones :( shall go check out the shops at tpy soon. sidenote: i found a pair of round metal specs that look exactly like my old self! HAHAHA i can't believe i looked so horrible then! dont you think ive blossomed into a pretty pretty flower nowww?? hahaha okay just nod if you agree! hmm why do i imagine the whole crowd bouncing their headsss (: HAHAHA i must be going crazy writing rubbish like this. but most great people are bonkers (: i still have much of my muchness.

had dimsum for dinner! hahaha siew mai reminds me of microwaving siewmai when i was hungry last time while working.

met dave, chewy and kaka at marina square foodcourt while they were having dinner. i suddenly randomly feel like getting new havaianas! anyone wanna go with me? okayy should start budgeting my moneyy cos i got lots of things on my to-buy list. went to watch alice in wonderland with our 3d googles! ok they're actually just glasses not googles or goggles. but i think calling them googles just makes them 1000 times cooler. despite the fact that they are oily and covered with fingerprints all over the lens eww! movie was nice though. and i love the fatboy twins! (((((((: sooo cute! and the cat! don't you think it'd be wonderful if i could carry a shrinking potion and enlarging cake wherever i go? haha then i can grow huge like the hulk when im having one of my violent fits or i can shrink tinyyyyy when im feeling shy! ok thats random AGAIN! after the show, lebbs and i went to meet austen who was mugging at marina starbucks, and the other 3 went off for their 2nd movie with daniu! movie marathon eh! oh yaaa and i remembered i was freezing in the cinema. and it was like super uncomfortable cos i had to cross my legs but the stupid gv theatre had so little leg room! cathay ftw! yes, after we met austen, we went to rochor tauhuey for supper! but surprisingly i wasnt hungry even though i didnt eat much for dinner. and we started talking about oil removing paper. you know the blue colour one which turns transparent after you wipe your face with it? haha! and we saw so many cockroaches on the road! yucks yucks yucks! and suuuuper funny cos when we reached the tau huey stall and were about to grab a seat, austen noticed this random girl kua-ing lebbs. then i realised she was doing the "make her thumb and index fingers into a ring and put them around her eyes" action!!! HAHAHAHA! like cos lebbs had super obvious google eyes!!! ohmannss super obvious la! okayyy so totally not subtle at all canssss.

yay tennis with booza tmr! and macs BF? hahaha BF = breakfast not boyfriend btw. and house ic meeting after tennis :( and maybe meeting juniors? so many activities tmr! i hope i dont turn another shade darker from tennis tmr cos its at 1-4pm!

good luck for the programming test tmr austen!

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